Monday, August 19, 2002

"Cleveland Sucks, Cleveland Sucks, Cleveland Sucks, Cleveland Sucks..." Sung to "Cleveland Rocks!"

So Cleveland or bust, well it turned out to be a bust. The city of Cleveland really sucks, I mean it's sucks hardcore man. Anyways, yeah, but the experiences Vince and I had, and the trip itself made it worthwhile. We left Sunday around 1pm, and headed out for Route 6, no expressway shit for us! We passed Amishville-Nappanne, ate out Kendall..I mean ate in Kendallville, 20 miles from the Ohio boarder) at a nice little place called Richard's, the food was good and all for a low young, atractive waitresses (RtC2??). We drove and we drove, finally made our way along the great lake of Erie. Such a pretty sight to see as the sun was setting, and also as we passed through Vermilion. God does that town rock, it has an F'ing ALCO. You could literally walk out the doors and see the Lake. God do I ever so want to transfer there. Plus, it was a livley little town..plenty of food places nearby, people out and about, a put-put place..we could go on. Vermilion is only 30 or so miles from Cleveland, and we were on our way...or so we thought. We drove for over an hour, and still no signs of Cleveland. We drove more, got frustrated, went in circles, finally got on 80-90 and drove another 20 minutes to Cleveland. What the shit? So we decided to go into downtown, see where exactly the RnR HofF was, get times, sight some parking, ya know. *Note: Vince had this thing "planned" or so I thought, obviously not if we were doing last minute research* After that we wanted to get a motel to stay the night. So we drove agian, and around we went...ended up in the ghettos of Cleveland til 1am. Fianlly we got on the interstate and headed south, drove for another 30 minutes away from everything and found several hotel places at an exit. Due to our cheapness and it being really late, we decided to sleep in Vince's the parking lot of the Baymont Inn. It was hot, uncomfortable, seats wouldn't fully go down,...yeah. We would only be able to sleep in fragmented intervals, something would always wake us. One time we heard all these chains and a truck, we thought we were being TOWED. HAHAHA. In all actuallity it was the trailer next to us being hitched onto a truck. Garbage trucks, fogging up windows, tossing and turning, fun stuff. We woke up to a commercial airliner flying very low to us at 6:40 in the morning, only to be followed by more planes, didn't fly at night, just to wake us up, grrrrrr. So we decided to go and eat at the near-by Denny's. After that we headed back to Cleveland, and ended up getting a parking spot right on the side of the RnR Hall of Fame!! And on top of that, the meter was broken so we put in 35 cents and ended up getting like 7 hours out of it. Anyways we were early and decided to kill the 2 hours we had with a walk around the downtown area. Basically it sucked, and there were hardly any people walking around either. So Vince was upset with the Hall of Fame, hardly anything Dylan related was to be found. And for my part, hardly anything Zeppelin was there either, had some good Stones stuff though, I'll give them that. After our walk around inside we exited and headed back for Lowell. This time we wanted to take 80-94, but the toll was too much, we're talking an easy 4 digit number for this damned thing. So back on 6 we went. I dosed off a couple times, but only for minutes, tried to stay awake for Vince. Got back to Lowell around 7:30 and have been trying to settle back in, but had to write the blog entry first.
Back in Lowell
Alright, get back in town around 7:30, get right back into things with a trip to RtC including George, Salai, and myself. Our waitress tonight was Sarah can kinda tell when people are starting to hate you. Anyways, we gave the halloween pumpkin thing to Melissa tonight, I actually remembered, and we tried the Chicken Shell soup. "Fish Girl" was agian by herself writting in her little book and smoking it up. Afterwards we went over to Meijer for a quick stop. We ended up finding the "Blue Day" book I sooo much adore, the "Meaning of Life" book by the same author, got myself a journal and pen to write nothing with, and we bought the last 3 copies of "The Giving Tree", it was a kick ass night, though my total was $45.00...ouch. Salai read "The Giving Tree" to us on the way home, it was touching, especially the Heather interpretation. After all this we went home, blogged, and now I am off to bed, with a couple quick phone calls, then back to the grindstone at ALCO, though not Vermilion...To be Continued..of course, it's a Blog.

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