Friday, August 16, 2002

Ha, it works!

Ok, having a little too much fun with this. So Zach says he's going to try and set me up with some space on collegesucks, sounds good to me yo. It seems as though I am jumping in at a bad time, I'm too late, I'm just going to get the death rattle of it all, this summer has been quite tumultuous. So much has happened; everyone coming back, change of plans - multiple times - life plans at that, happiness, lovin', betrayal, anger, backstabbing, then back to friends, mostly in the past week has all that happened. To those who know what really happened, we'll all die with that knowlwdge, to those who don't, well they'll die trying to get it out of us. It's better to put that in the way back of our minds and move on. Zach is leaving tomorrow to a future he knows nothing of, in light of that Salai returns from the East coast that night. Mixed emotions and a lot of filler. Well, it's 2:30 AM and I have to get to work at 8...or so :-D I'm off to prepare for a long, hard day..hopefully not too many tears will be shed. AP signing off

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