Saturday, August 17, 2002

Mixed Emotions and Broken Glass

So Zach said his goodbye's today. He came into ALCO around 8:30ish for his last stop, though nobody was around to receive them.......George who was supposed to work tonight decided to skip out on work and go to the Indiana State Fair with Jimmy C. In this ditching of his work duties, it kinda left things in a crazy predicament. Tony K. the new Hardlines manager whom, in my mind is incompetent as all hell, to close by himself. On top of all that, 2 just-trained cashiers were to run register that night...only to find out one called off. I was disgruntled by this careless of his store and took Heather home at 1:30 vowing I'd be back later, yet cursed the store when I spoke to George on the phone, hoping for something bad to happen while he was gone. Low and behold, the registers shut down and go offline around 2:30, this left everyone in a panic-stricken frenzy not only at that time, but for the rest of the night. So when I came in at 8, I tried my best to understand what happened, and helped close down the store. Crazy. Upon exiting the store...
Salai's Return.
Salai returned a little early and we had planned previously to take him out when he got back. George and Jimmy pulled up, and we had our exchange of words...Vince grew weary of it all and decided to head on home. Eventually I gave in, for Salai's sake, and went to RtC with them. Not much happened, Sarah our waitress was very kind, though she did screw up a couple of times. Melissa never did make my special drink, but did frighten us all with her new makeup style. From a distance it looked alright, but up close it was just too bright. Oh well, jimmy had fun coloring, playing with his food, burning things, ya know, the usual. On the way home we saw a car pulled over with 6 squad cars around it including troopers...brought us back to the Jackie incident, a knock, no buzz,

***TANGENT*** Am I talking to Brooke or her roommate right now???

Popin' Fresh
Get back to Lowell, decided to talk things over with George, and then we hear a popping noise. It happens a couple more times. George instantly knew what it was and said,"They're breaking windows". I went out to the balcony to see it and I turned back inside and said call the cops, but George was gone. I look down and there he is walking out the door of the apartment. I disconnected his always-online computer and called 911. The guy busting out the glass didn't notice George, and when he was finished, just calmly walked away. I ran downstairs, still talking with the police to follow George and the criminal. We ended up losing him, cops came and went, but didn't get anybody. Oh well shit happens. On that note I decided it was time for bed and went home, well home to blog about it. It's 3 now and I still have to get some sleep in eventually to prepare myself for a long day tomorrow...come in early to fix the mess from lastnight at work, then maybe a trip to the Illinois State Fair. Well goodnight to all, love and kisses from AP

P.S. notice how I've got so much to say right a couple weeks I'll hardly be updating and my life will agian be boring.

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