Thursday, August 22, 2002

More Road-Tripping, Not to be Confused with Pie-Rollin'

Ok, so let me tell ya about yesterday....George and I had the day off, we had grandiose plans for the day as well. Geroge came over at 10ish and brought over the pieced out 9155, i don't remeber still wanting it, but hey whatever. Then we headed out to many ALCO stores across the northern half of Indiana. We drove past Demotte, and stopped in at Winnamc. There George loaded up his truck with seasonal goodies Gus still had that we could sell. We were there awhile, but I told George we had to get going if we were going to complete half the things on our list, including a trip back to Lowell to drop all the crap off. So off to Knox we went..what a hole that is, but it had it's bright points. I walked in from the "mall" entrance and saw Danielle, ex-Lowell employee, working register, so I swiftly came up from behind her and gave her a huge hug. Let's just say she was a little suprised, and then when she found out it was me, even more suprised (she's got the complex where she thinks i hate her). After saying our hello/goodbye's we headed over to Plymoth to eat at Christo's, part of the RtC chain!!! It seemed a little bit nicer, classier, and cheaper beleive the same atmosphere as the RtC near home. The only real strange thing about the place was the over-use of the words "honey/hun", or "there you be", it beyound pissed me off..well to some degreee, but I decided right there and then that one day, and one day soon, we would take a venture over there with a large group of us, with reservation on Sunday of course*inside joke thing*. So off to Nappanee to see the Amish having their buggies tied up in front of ALCO, then to Ligioner, some stupid ass town. Basically we were moments from Kendallville..agian, and the crap-ass state of Ohio. Made it back to Lowell at 9, unloaded the goods and starting making calls to find a pumpkin pie for the evening. Now as I tried to explain to George, if it ain't in season at RtC *with some occasion he he* then no other place is going to have it. After calling numerous places we decided to walk over to Wilco and Sarah Lee it. After alleging there were no Sarah Lee pumpkin pies, we gathered the pieces to actually make the damn thing. Heather met up with us in the parking lot and wanted and extravagent last night in Lowell, she settled for alcohol at George's while we made the pie. Salai showed up wanting to do something for the evening, so we let him join in on our fun for that night. Heather went home at midnight and we headed for RtC at around 230-3ish. We get there and blow the idea for the night within moments of sitting down. Melissa was our waitress, as she was for the entire restuarant, and started getting our drinks for us. We then realized our error and had her make just one strawberry shake (we were all suppose to order shakes, you'll see why in a sec) So as she is running around, then making our one shake, we bring out the wannabe shake flower ensemble. It was shake glass with orangish shake looking filler, carnations poofing out the top, with sprinkles, a cherry, and 2 blue straws *pics will be added later, maybe* So as she turns to set down the strawberry shake and start to say, "here's your damned shake", she see's our pretty little thing and realizes the error of her ways. She got off her shift about 40 minutes later and sat down with us. We presented the homemade, out-of season, pumpkin pie to her and she just melted. sarah earlier helped decorate the top of the pie with the RtC frosting...and I have to add that Salai enjoyed the sight of Sarah very much so, he couldn't stop saying how fucking, fucking, fucking, she was, plus a little tipsy at the time as well. Get it Salai! Anyways, Melissa wanted to get the hell out of RtC for she had stolen the "Please Seat Yourself" sign and didn't want to get caught. So we took her home and ended the evening, that was near 5:00, with George and I having to work at 8 to unload truck just hours later. Fun fun. Well that ends this session, blog ya later.

P.S. I was puzzled with what to do with my journal i had just boughten, Vince uses his to write songs, Zach uses his to write songs and poems and what-have ya, but tonight I found my calling. Now i am happy and fullfilled, well partially.

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