Saturday, August 24, 2002

Salai's Goodbye..ditched!

Damn do people piss me off...I'm so distraught to even remember what happened yesterday, but I'll give you some highlights. i worked til 9 with George at ALCO. I was disgruntled from not being invited to DQ the night prior after only talking about it for 4 days! So george tried to make it up to me by buying the blizzard i wanted, only to screw up the order twice *it's the thought that counts* and on the third time, getting yelled at by the DQ manager for having the girl put in Nerds candy into the blizzard. All in all he got it right, and I enjoyed the hell out of it. And right before I was able to eat my blizzard, a speacial lady came into to see me, whom I haven't seen at all this summer. I was happy! A little bit later Jimmy C called requestion that he not be ditched tonight. I told him he would, but then settled with if he didn't come out to ALCO that he would. He insisted that he be picked up, but finally showed up at 9 sharp. Around 9 Vince came in, I invited him to join the group tonight and he agreed to go out us. In fact, when Dewes showed up moments later, Vince just went ballsitic on Dewie calling him a faggot and all, it was great. But by 9:15 the moods had changed, Vince decided to go with the earlier "faggot" dewes and ditch us. Even Jimmy was unsure whom to go with. Jill showed up and got in George's truck. I told Jimmy he was coming with us, ran to his truck and locked his doors, only to come back to see dewes standing in the doorway of the truck. I physically pick him up and moved his ass to the side. I yelled last call, and Jimmy got in. As we left the parknig lot I cursed the Fuckers nearby the BlueBitchMobile. We ate at our secret spot and had a great time on the way up, we even stopped at Salai's house to deliver his salt, his mother was ever so the pleasant and thanked what nice freinds Scott has. He He. Just before the entrance to the place we were saying bless you to a group of kids sneazing and walking on the sidewalk. I kept on talking to them as they walked by, telling them to watch out for the tree and such. As we drove by the yelled, "can we get in your truck?", and I said "Yeah, we're gonig right here". They saw where we were headed and quickly changed direction and chased after us. We met up and conversed lightly, I offered them to eat with us, but they had just eaten. One of the kids said I looked like a guy from the movie "Saving Silverman", whatever the hell that is. We enjoyed our meals, the kids were no longer there when we left, and headed to Lowell. But on the way we did notice two Lowell squad cars that had pulled over some random car way up where we were at, strange. We decided that since Lowell only has two officers on duty at one time, and they were way the hell out of their boundaries and even state, we were going to reak havok on Lowell. Well, let's just say the cake wasn't safe...anyway we called it a ngiht and went our seperate

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