Sunday, August 18, 2002

Traditions in the Making...Anniverseries that are Breaking

So today (Aug 17th) was the big day for us Aaron Carter fans living in the Ellinois area. George and I went alone, Salai wanting to spend his last homo-eroctic night with Nate W., Vince having to babysit, Zach long gone, and the others..well they're fucks to begin with. Along the way down we took a trip down memory lane, just one year ago George, Zak D., and myself went down to see Bob Dylan at the Ellinois State Fair. So we decided that we must make this a tradition and go every year, next year hoping to bring our carnie Jimmy C to see one of the greatest Midways around. While traveling we had some interesting things happen....We had just past a SUV with Indiana vanity plates that read "UofMich" sending me off into a rant when I see in another car we were passing there was a NUN in the passenger seat. I've never seen a nun up close and in person, but damned if she wasn't there getting off the exit to the Town of Normal. Now what in the hell is the town of Normal??? I asked myself the same question. Apparently it's the twin city of Bloomington, whatever, I just quickly took my camera and snapped some shots of it all. While in Springfield we first stopped at Pennylane, a nice little shop devoted to music, like Greenfields in the mall. The downer of the night was when we went upstairs to see the really good stuff, only to be told that the Feds had confiscated all the "novelty" items. Damn, and I could've used a new hitter box. On that note we went to Lincoln's tomb right before they closed the gates. Got some cool shots while we were there for the whole 3.2 seconds. We got the munchies and decided to eat at Hardee's, where their new motto is "winning you back". The meal sucked so I don't know what the shit they're winning back besides pissy people. Now to the State Fair. Ooooooooh. The biggest highlight was being able to hear Aaron Carter and Triple Image as we walked by the grandstands. The fair was loaded with 12 year olds (no, Dewes wasn't there sadly) and slut-buckets. It was really disgusting to see this one 14 year old girl hanging on 3 guys, all of which were grabbing her ass as they walked around, boy are we setting the youths straight, and quickly. Anyways, we left, which took some effort getting out of the "$5 - I'll park as many as I want to in my yard- lot", and headed back to Lowell. While in the apartment, more Mexican Car fun, but this time we prevented any window breaking that may have occured. Well it's back on the road for me, my common-law marriage partner Vince and I are going to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Ohio. We'll be back sometime Monday night so my Blog will just have to wait, merrrrrr.

*P.S. Notice that the dates of my Blogs are the next day, yeah well, I Blog right after my night ends, which is usually only hours after Midnight, oh well, maybe I should set my time back to Pacific or something.

**P.P.S. For those who do not know, the 17th is/was the celebrated day of Brooke and I's relationship starting date. Awww...I think

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