Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Trying, very trying

Yeah, as the title says, I'm trying my damnedest to keep this updated, but it is also very trying in itself, having to update it before it becomes midnight and such other shit. Not to mention having shit to talk about, that is actually worth my time writing and your time reading. The start of the day was an early one, George came over and built the 9155 he dropped off a couple days ago. It's a big ol monster, and i'm sure i'll put it to good use. For those who don't know what a 9155 is, basically it's a gigantic waredrobe closet thing. Well off to work after that, droppnig off my *sad* Speedway application, damn i suck, then once arriving at work, faxing over to SAFE a crap-ass resume. Oh well, nothing i can do about it. Not much went on at work, same ol same ol. Afterwards Georeg and I went to RtC and then to Meijer. Ya know, since RtC just had 5 girls go to college, adn 5 quit, maybe i should aply there? Hmmmmmm. Anyways, my highlight tomorrow will be store meeting, yeahhhhh, oh and floors.

P.S. My life is dulling down, withering away, and I'm loving it. All those fucks have finally gone back to college, I don't have to see them until December, by then, who knows if i'll even be alive. Ahh peace and quiet here in Lowell. I know I'll sleep easy tonight, I WONDER if you will???

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