Friday, August 30, 2002

Yeahh, the real Friday post

Ok so yeah, not a thing really happened tonight. Dewes did come into the store today...he questioned the paper towels, not noticing any alterations we had made. And he also questioned if the note was indeed written in blood, which the other note confirmed. Well that was his little send off, and those were his last hours in Lowell. What a bastard, I hope this complexes his ass even more, the fucking loser......ok sorry getting off onto tangents.... So Anthony came to town for the weekend and he, Jimmy C, George, and I all went to RtC. Jami gave me a call and she said she'd meet us up there. Our night went well, we sat in the corner booth in the back, Twan and Jimmy were disturbed by George and mine's flesh wounds from the previous night, and Jami showed up only to find her brother there then leave. One thing about her that pisses me of is the fact that she always asks me to do everything for her. "Come visit me in Hammond", " Come pick me up", "Nahh, skip those plans and come get me at my friends house", "meet me ehre instead of there", "i'm in the doorway of RtC, you come to me" She always pisses me off with that shit. So when she called me from the doorway, i told her i'd be damned if i'm going to get out of my seat to come see you who's supposed to be here anyways, and hung the phone up on her, with the intention that she would get so pissed that she would come over to our table then. well she ended up leaving and walking to our window, pleading that i come outside to join her, fuck that, i was eating a roll. Anyways we were getting ready to leave and the bill was like 22 dollars, and we had like 8 dollars for tip on the table, so as Sarh walked by I gave her a dollar and told her it was for being cute, she was confused to say the least, ha. We went on to our respect homes, but Georgey spent the night here, what a freak.

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