Sunday, September 01, 2002

Dinner and a Movie

So last night was pretty interesting....Well I finally made it home from work at 330, lordy was I dragging, and was hoping to get 2 hours of nap time in. I called Brooke to see when she was coming over so i knew for sure how much time i had. She told me thatdue to other plans we wouldn't be able to meet on Sunday, so I would have to cook my dinner for her tonight, damn, i hate late notices, so i said fine, i was so unprepared it wasn't funny. So i instanly got off the phone with her and starting going at it, making lasagna. Now the thing here is that I have never cooked anythign in my life before, and I was trying to make lasagna from scratch. All in all it went pretty quickly, and wasn't hard to make at all. I had George doing some finally running around town to get the everso needed ingreediants for me. Thanks. Jus tas i was done throwing it all together brooke showed up. I slapped it into the oven and started her off with the viewing of Reservoir Dogs. I hopped into the shower, the much needed shower, especially after work and now cooking.Came out, watch the movie a little more, and decided to check no the dinner. Ii was about finished so I got the garlic bread all made and threw that into the oven as well. Got out the dishes, lit some candles, it was nice. I called her up when it was done, and cut a slice for her. Now here's my mistake, I didn't let the lasagna set for the 10 minutes it needs to, I forgot all about, and henceforth had runny lasagna, not too runny, just saucey, yeah. It was good though, and the garlic bread was fucking awesome. Afterwards we went back downstairs and finished watching Reservoir Dogs . After that, more entertainment with my reading of "The Blue Day book" Lordy do I love that book. So after that I gave her my second suprise, she loved it, then things went downhill..............

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