Sunday, September 08, 2002


So work started off slow as can be, but before you knew it, it was already 5:30 and we hadn't even began counting down. Some humor was brought on to the day, the ALCO photos came in yesterday, but we just got around to seeing them today. Many a great pics were in there, the night Donna almost killed Justin, the adventures with a steam roller, the best damn pissing wall a grand opening had every seen, and plenty more. *I smile* So it was a crazy/busy day, my best cashiers Kelsey and Rachel were on top of things, he he. I broke their knife virginity and showed them how to cut open boxes, gave them a personal tour of the law-away room, and helped out with other things. Travis was busy pissing off George, and Mike F was busy keeping up conversation with himself. Then my mom and grandpa walk in, i could hear my mother talk from aisles over. then she argued with me over some clearanced merchandise, i ended up tellinhg her, " you know what, that item is still in our store, it's not for sale today" a legal loop-hole i learned along the way. Some nearby customer heard me and probably thought i was an ass, which really i am, but anyways. My Stack-O-Pop was getting kinda low so I had to buy some while they were still on sale this week, only to find out Meijer has a better sale going on, $1.97 for a 12 pack, oh well, such is life. We got out of work at 630 and headed up north to the Land of High. Walked around Meijer, saw the poor coke lady filling coke agian, i think she's been there for the past 2 weeks, the sale just won't end and she can't go home. I bet they pull up a new semi for her and drive her empty one away. So until the Meijer crazed coke sale ends, this poor delusional woman can't go, maybe we should start a fund for her or something of the sorts, a support group would be nice. So we make our way over to good ol RtC, and I'm thirsty as all hell.I asked for my coke no ice along with my refill for it, it's a good thing too, our refill quota just wasn't being filled, no pun intended. Jami did salvage the night, she leaned in with us at our table, talked to us for a bit, and gave me my butterscotch pudding with extra whipped cream pilled high and a cherry on top. I continued to eat my fries that camew with my "Chicken Parmesan Sandwhich" with no onions, but instead had green peppers and no sauce, what the shit. I did have J* mi take it back, but they said that's how it comes and added some sauce for my bitch ass. She asked if i have ever ordered it and i replied with yes, all the time, it is my regular. Anyways, so I'm eating my fries, not finished with my meal so i can't start my dessert, and Jami comes by and gives me a sad face because i haven't touched the pudding. So i made a little note in ketchup, not blood this time but it did bring back memories, on the plate saying,"thank you, with a smiley face" She was so happy by this she went running around the restuarant showing everyone, even mike. I ate the pudding, she said i had made her night better, i told her to get some rest, seems as if everyone is getting sick or something at RtC, and headed off. i get into George's truck and I notice that in fron of us is a girl, not any girl, but FishGirl. Hahahaa, so I laughed and pointed this out to George. Only moments later i realize that her license plate says, "FishIV I" Oh lordy did this make my night, I screamed so loudly that i think she heard me and we took off, but i did get a picture of the license plate, of course. So we went home uneventfully. Get home, get online and Joe Stefek seems to be in a pretty pissy mood. Apparently i warned him for not being idle and he went nuts, so when you see Joe online, send a kiss from me throguh you to him. thanks.

P.S. It's now custom that George rips ass on all new associates....isn't that right Kelsey??? Hahahaha, I laugh

P.P.S. Festardo is a word i thought i heard George say, when in all actuality, he said bastard-o, well i like saying it, with an italian accent of course....definition to come later

Walking's a Bitch

Well basically nothing happened, I worked my 8 to 9 shift-er-oo. I was all to myself in my food plan-o-gram, got to build shit, tear down shit, it was fun, and it took my all day. I had some help at times, Kelsey Brown and later Nate. Gave some reviews on the new associates, nice little power trip. A hell of a lot o trees came, i don't smile George.
*sidenote...George, do you really have to put "i smile" in everything? jesus fucking christ yo! you don't smile, ass.*
Ok so where was i..hmm, people anger me, new associates are getting off too easy, and I have to be the one to crack the whip around here. the only one running a tight operation at night is my bitch ass, when george works he lets too much shit fly, and he WONDERS why the kids are lazy, good for nothing fucks. Another ASSociate that lets thigns go is Tony-fucknig-K. But that's a whole different argument entirely. Then of course the harlot who pissed me off last night, also worked tonight. Grrr, and then people commenting on my pissy-ness only made things worse. It's Saturday and these broke ass people want their checks early, I'll be damned if i am cashing them. Then Jenanne high as a kite comes into the store, she's the only person left that questions my reign upon the frontend, i can't wait til the day she's gone, fucknig up tight, whiney-ass day cashiers, fuck up my routine, ha........ok so at the end of the night i wished everyone to burn in hell, grabbed my book bag and walked home from ALCO. Yes i know my house is over 3 miles from ALCO, and yes my bookbag weighs a fucking lot, but god damn i was pissed. Made it back to my hosue in 45 or so minutes, took my shower, and i was beat. For one it was hot, then i had my hoody on with hood up, and my heavy ass backpack, so yeah, i was a little tired.I chatted with brooke til all ends of the ngiht then fell asleep, luckily not on the phone with her.
P.S, Where were Duncan and Barcus, we were all supposed to do somethign sat night, but I did not hear one word of them, looks like i get ditched agian.

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