Sunday, September 15, 2002

If you can't always get what you want, but you get what you need, is what you need what you deserve?

So this is my comment to Kristen's comment, though why even bother trying to argue whatever it is i am about to say on deaf and dumb ears, just like fighting a loosing battle, for some reason i feel the need to, call it bordem, call it a last ditch effort, the rantings of a dying man, whatever it may be, i hope i enjoy it. Basically this will be me bitching about god only knows what, pointing out flaws in her ramblings and so forth. Well here i go, wish me no luck.
**Note, you may want to open up Kristen comment as I rant along, it'll help with the flow**
So i'm a stupid fuck, well can't really argue there, i think i have been coined that phrase before so we'll just move on shall we. As for the "not wanting to have anythign to do with you", well that is the current attitude, but weeks ago it was different, so whatever it is that i have done this time has obviously changed that. The phrase "I haven't done shit to you", well I, and most others including herself at one time, beg to differ. And then what is there to be a "little bitch" about, "a little bitch about it"it, what is this it she speaks of?... Apparently i treat people like shit, therefore i get shit on by others inturn. Well i think it goes that other people piss me off first, treat me like shit first, therefore I return the favor and treat them like shit, only from me it is more noticable because i am more proficient at it. I make my treatment noticable to the point of overbearing, i do this to get my point across, that they fucked me first. I have "very little" decent things to say about people, maybe i just hold people to higher standards, maybe i was raised that way, on higher standards, not to be some fuck, and i implement it upon others. Sorry for the fact that most people are scum, can't yell at me for it. I don't expect anyone to say "decent" things about me, i hope they say, "that jason sure is a fucker", somebody has to press these people to the grindstone. I'll take work for an example, i was trained to bust my ass every minute of the job, i sacrificed many a things for the company, it did little for my self benefit, but overall it was good. I hold the ASSociates that i work with to do the same, maybe retail is for the lazy fucks, and grocery is a real man's business..... I'm a bitch, yes, hardass no, ass yes. I don't see how venting my anger out on the lazy people i work with constitues being a hardass, i am their manager, i do tell them what to do, hell, even when i wasn't a manager i still told people what to do, what needed to be done, i was knowledgable. As for relationships, ehhh, I'm good *good as in content, i'm defiantly not cocky on the subject, sorry for the mis-confusion*. I am a Golden God, yes, I am a Golden God. I really don't know what all that is, I've never thought highly of myself, but whatever, i will parade around with the title, Golden God....... If no one cared about how i felt, or what i think, nobody would visit my blog, maybe the occasional accident, but when you got people like MrMexico01 clicking on the link every half hour to see if i have updated, that tells you they are obviously intrigued and very bored, yet still visit here. George speaks of me in his blogs, links me, and Zach dedicated an entrie blogging to me and me alone, does that mean he cares, well it wasn't a pissed blog at me, just the opposite, eh who knows. And I mean hell, you [Kristen] went here, when's the last time i ranted about you in my blog's, dedicated a blogging to you *until now yes i know*, you've received very brief mentions, so i don't know what you're so pissy about. Just what are these "messes" that you so speak of. I mean obviously i deserve the messes you say, but what, prattle, are they, is it my car, yes i wrecked my car,ok? .......Alright, don't waste anymore time on me, i'm not asking you to, sorry i got you so pissy in the first place, yet you never explained what it is that i did. You can easily email me, it's listed, you got my number, you know where i live, you know where i work, you have my schedule along with yours. Well whatever it may be, it's just probably that I'm an ass....If anyone's created a mess, i think that falls into your court, you ruined a friendship, though you didn't act alone. Does everbody deserve what they get, and if so, did you deserve what you got? As for messes, you've got plenty of your own, do you get yourself into them as well, or is it a third party, anyone but yourself. are we able to learn from our mistakes, or do we just keep on making them over and over agian. so to restate my title question, "If you can't always get what you want, but you get what you need, is what you need what you deserve?" Obviously you can't always get what you want, no arguing that. But if you try sometimes, you just may find, you get what you need. So if the Stones said it, it's got to be true, right? Basically, it's not the very best, you wanted something special, more than what you needed, but ni the end, you get just enough to get you by, you get an addequate dosage, which in all reality is all we should want. We should only want what we need, but we are greedy, that's human nature, Machiavelli taught us that. but our wants are endless, are needs are more controllable, only 3 things for human life to survive right? now on the whole othe issue of, is the bare minimum sufficient enough to be what you deserve? I soo took this the wrong way, but i can make some good arguments, hell an essay for that matter, on this topic. Some people need an ass-whooping *some think me*, do they deserve it, sure, to some people. will it help detour some of the problems that resulted in the ass-whooping? ya know know really, but are there other methods, must we treat people like shit, hurt them physically and emotionaly just to teach them a lesson? here's where Zach's A Clockwork Orange can come in. But hell, I'm done ranting, tell me what you think, and maybe, just maybe I'll write something up....Zach, I think this calls for an Essay subdomain if ya know what i mean, he he. I'm off to bed, but first I got to read my Ecclesiastes 4.61 along with 9.4, "A living dog is better than a dead lion". Adios....and you never would have thought I would quote the bible, oh the times they are a changin'

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