Thursday, September 19, 2002

"Make like a Lindsay, and molest a child"

Yeah, well you probably all have heard now, Mr. Lindsay, the one everyone's been calling a faggot since the beginning of time, has finally been caught. I don't think this should come as a shock to anyone, he always had that fruity aura, no not an Aurora. I had him for a gym teacher, never liked him, always wanted my ass to swim even though i don't know how. Then I had to put up with him during any athletic event. Once agian, somethign has "rocked" our "little" town of Lowell. Damn I hate Lowell, it no longer can be called the "quiet, little town" it once was. Think about the past 3 years, and all that has happened. Yeah, exactly my point. And it's always the most outrageous things that happen, you can't even predict what may happen, or joke about things, because, it just could happen one day. Maybe an airplane will crash into the fields by the Lowell Plaza, maybe another huge downtown fire, maybe Aldi's will get completed, who knows...


Yes, I got my car back monday, and boy am i happy, but yet pissed as well. It looked all purty and shiny, but there are some things still wrong with it, grrrrr. I will take it back to Lowell Body Shop on Friday and have them fix any repairs i request, then my bitching to other problems will go to my insurance company. Like the fact that i had a full tank of gas when i turned in the car, and they gave it to me on empty, fuckers, not to mention the ripped apart my blue light up dice, and the list continues. I'm just happy to have her. And not moments of getting in her and getting on the road, did i pick up my little sister and her friend and head northward. We tried to get to the CP courthouse by 430, but were a little late, which just made kodee pissed, not my fault might i add, we all know how I drive. :-) So in light of that we went to the mall, all was good, but i guess I'm not used to shopping with other people, it was amusing. I ended up getting a Cookies N Cream Mochochilla thingy, yea.

In the Evening...

So that same night i went to the mall, George and I went out. headed for Best Buy and Circuit City. we dined in at the lovely Taco Bell, we had coupons of course. then headed to Meijer. Something sparked the novel idea of getting an Ouija Board. George insisted that they only sell them at Toys R Us do to the contraversiality of the "game". I knew better, it's Meijer, "A million reasons, a single store" yo. They had a spot for it, but were sold out, so we headed off to the Meijer in Highland. As we get into the parking lot, a car pulls up next to us, asn we see it's Salai's Mom! Ha, well not really, but yeah, you had to be there. So we went in, got the board, and thus proceded, quickly, homeward. We used it in george's apartment, and at first didn't seem to work. Now I'm all for the thing, i believe in it as much as you can, and i not to sure on George's part, but we just couldn't get it to speak anything but gibberish. So on our last attempt we finally got one. Some guy from cedar lake, totally freaked George out, and he said,. "jason, it's enough of this shit, i think it's time to stop, don't you?", and then the cursor went to "yes", then to "goodbye", fucked with George some more. little pussy, maybe he'll grow some balls and we can use it agian, til then i have to find some "willing" people.

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