Thursday, September 05, 2002

No Truck???

So as the title reads, no truck today.Yeaaaa, or wait, boooo, that means we'll be a day behind. well fuck. So i decided to come in late today, no reason to be on time with 3 other managers being there, and work a partial day today, and come in to help the truck unloading tomorrow. For dinner tongiht George and I threw a deep dish pizza in the oven. sounds good doesn't it? But when the deep dish piza is nothing but cheese, no meat, it ruins the evening, lordy did it suck. And i was so frickin' hungry too, so i ate about half of it, complaining the whole time.....on a lighter note, brooke is extremely pissed off at me, something about my profile, me loving kodee more than her, taking thigns too seriously, ahh who knows. All i know is that i get bitched at for everything, such is life, i am used to it. So i talked to Kodee online last night as well, yeah, she's my sister if you haven't figured it out, a sister, i love her as if she weer my sister, not as a fuck buddy or anything else you can come up with. Hry, growing up your whole life devoid of family can be a tramatizing experience. I now have a sister, a sister who claims she is my sister back, none of this me crazed ambition calling someone a random thing wherein they know nothing about it. Oh lordy i am ramblnig now....ok, so I'll blog tomorrow, I'm getting me some sleep. AP

P.S Thank you ZACH for commenting on my blog, i love you. As for everyone else, why? As for the person who didn't leave their name, thank you for your constructive criticism, but please leave your name from now on.

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