Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Pulling one out of the Book

Well not much has happened/is happening/ or is going to happen so i'm going to have to use one of my reserve blog ideas for today's entry. Give you a run down of my life. nothing is going on, i work, i go to work, whipdee shit, nothing really eventful happens, damn i suck.anyways here i go....
Reserve #1
Ok well George and I were at RtC, doesn't matter what day really, i mean we are there 5 out of the 7 days to begin with, and I noticed something, more or less I realized something. See, Mike and Glen were working, overlapping or whathave you, and whenever Glen would come from the back or anywhere near the front, mike would get off his can and pretend to work. Mike would even stop intermingling with the younger patrons as well. The only one enforcing any rules and discipline was Glen, he yelled at some Mexican who was filling up big 'ol soups cups up with pop to take and drink, glen told him to use a smaller normal, glass. So then it hits me, George is the Mike type manager, and I am the Glen type manager. I mean think about it. George and Mike do have this love for being amongst the teenagers. Glen and I are always bitching to our workers to get shit done and get it done right. I mean i thought glen was an ass, butI also had this liking for him, i knew something was up with him. Glen and I are both asses, but we are just trying to get the work done, and as we do that we have other peopkle like mike lally gagging around. Now I'm not saying George isn't a good manager, he just lets some thigns get away from him, such as discipline and enforcing and set of rules whatsoever. I mean you can slide with some shit, but once it starts building and or gets repeatitive, then that's enough, but maybe that isn't a big enough picture for George seeings how he likes to look at only the big picture, (Big Vs. Little pictures is another reserve so i will talk about it later.)
Well that's all for my rantings now, maybe something will happen and i'll be able to blog about it, if not, bite me

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