Sunday, September 22, 2002

Saturday in the park...

I should have stayed awake when i awoke at 930 to take my piss, but i thought since i had the day off, might as well sleep in and enjoy it, like George has been doing his entire vacation. Well then I hear this stomping around coming from upstairs, it's my mother and i know she is wearing her boots...anyways, she comes downstairs to tell me that if anyone calls for her, she's sick and asleep so she can't come to the phone right now. So i ask her where she is gonig, she gave me the one word answer i knew was coming, and headed up the stairs and out the door. So back to sleep...then my phone starts a ringing, i ignore it, then another call, so i went to the couch where my bookbag is laying whcih had the phone attached to it. Just as i get it all untangled, the hang up, grrr. So then it says i have voicemail, find out it was brooke who was pissed about something. So after taking a few minutes to gather myself and decide whether or not to go back to sleep, i finally called her. We conversed and i started growing hungry. I proceeded my way to the upstairs only to blow past the kitchen and headed straight for the compute. So as i am getting off the phone with brooke and put an away message up, my grandpa comes over, this is the second at least this week, lordy. So he offered me some pizza which eased his presence with me. He came over to sharpen the lawn mowing blade after i bitched to him about it, being bitched at from George about it, then he cut both the front and backyards. I then tried some more futile attempts on fixing my computer. After failing several times, i took my frustrated self to the working computer upstairs where i talked amongst my computer techies, aka zach. Well after conversing with him, we decided a trip to lafayette was in order. So quickly grabbing every little thing that goes with Ziggy, including the monitor, we headed off to I-65. We flew down there in under an hour, George got us lost several times, pissed me off damn well and good. Then we didn't know which apartment Zach lived in, A or B, grrr. But we called zach and everythign was good. He showed us around the apartment, very nice might i say, and started working on my computer. barcus and Zach diagnosed the first problem saying it is the power supply, as for the other problems they can't solve because they need it working. So the new PS i just got has fried out, wow. Zach proved this to me by hooking up his power supply, just the main motherboard connecter to my mother board and turned on my computer. that's when some freaky shit started happening. Zach took some pics of the craziness and we called it a day. All of his stuff was turning on along with my stuff, it was wierd. So we threw Ziggy back into Lucille and George made his way in the car, i guess it was time to go. so back to lowell we went. George was pissed the whole way back, didn't say a word, but did bitch about my speed saying, "72 would be adequate." So to please him i did around 85, what a bitch. As we got on I-65 i said i'd be in my house at 7:13, and about halfway home, I changed it to 7:14, and sure enough i walked in my door and got settled in at 7:14, crazy shit. So around Brooke shows up, what a suprise that was. Well i kinda figured she'd be in town, she asked me not to go anywhere Sat. night and told me to be back around 7 when i told her i was going to Purdue. So i was hungry, and i think she was too, so i decided to go to Wilco to get something to eat. While in thebakery section getting some bread some of Brooke's friends run up to her and tell her who they just say in the store. Well guess who was standing in line for the checkout, our ol buddy Mr. Lindsay. It was amazing to see that sight, i wouldn't have the balls to go out in public after being on th front cover of the paper for the week. The girls tried to refrain me from doing anything, but i told them i'd be good. On the way out he saw me, so i waved, i put his hand up in the air and waved back, but held it there, a sort of longing wave, all the way out of the building. the look on his face was sad, i wonder how many people and family have turned their backs on him. So then i got harrassed for waiving to him, and when we checked out even the reqister lady was mad, they said i'll be known as the guy who waived to mr lindsay, oh well. I did give Zach a call and left him a voicemail of whom i just saw in Wilco. So we went back home, made our velvetta shells and cheese and made my garlic bread stuff. Mmmm was it good. We actually had a good evening, it concluded around 1130 when i took her home. So as i was coming back through town i naturally had to stop at Goerge's,plus i had to tell him how i saw Mr Lindsay as well. So as we go out onto the porch to talk about things, we overhear this yelling. george tells me to have a seat. We come to realize it is his neighbors on the first floor having sex. God was it wrong. Good thing it only lasted for that short amount of time. After hearing silence for a couple minutes i decided to head home and put my Saturday to rest. the end

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