Sunday, September 22, 2002

Sunday, Nothing to do on the Sabbath

So i wake up this morning, around 1ish or so, and I got this E-Card and lordy was I happy. Finally some hate mail for me. Ohh how it is great to be feared and hated. Damn i smile. I truly feel loved, well hated, but yeah, you get the idea.
So around 3 or 4, after just finishing up my shower and playing games online, Brooke comes over to say her goodbyes before she heads back to the Academy. We entertained each other for the day with stories and anecdotes. The best part of the entire get together was when we fell asleep on the couch. Now i have seen Zach and Anne sleep on the couch together and Laura and her boyfriend as well, I did not think it was possible unless you were right on top of each other, but, i was proven wrong. From where i was laying i had plenty of room, can't say for Brooke though, she was on the edge, ha. There only was one awkward moment, it was when i was dreaming and my whole body twitched, waking both of us up. She asked what was wrong, i grumbled something in my sleep and she just rolled over and faced me, and we went back to sleep. awwwww. besdies for the crazed waking up, i slept damn well and good, but we were finally awoken by the rining of the door bell from brooke's mom. we stumbled up the stairs and she departed from me.
The Leftovers
After wandering around my empty house, i started waking up and getting things together. Got online only to become addicted to some games, then the constant badgering of George. He finally requested my presence and i went to meet him at his apartment. He left, somewhat hurridly, towards the north. I don't think george had any direction, just wanted to go. up in Sherrillville, he started going to the back entrance to RtC, i told him it was way to early, somethign like 730, so we steared clear of that lane and headed further north for the land of high. Went ot Meijer for there new ad for it was sunday. Saw that lowe's was open, what the shit, how did we not know about it? anways...back to RtC we went, saw the early Sunday crowd, bunch of teenage fucks, glad we always go later. Got our crazy ditzy waitress Jamie, and yeah, well the rest is history....oh forhot to mention, i saw michelle Bates walk in and she went by our table to usethe bathroom, we conversed lightly then as she left i called Zach. While i was talking to him, Jamie the waitress grabbed the phone and statred talking to him, she gave the phone back shortyl, i started to talk with him, then he said, "give me a sec, i'm watching my movie" as he had stated earlier. Jus then Michelle walks by and i hand her the phone, she naturally asks him what's he doing, and he is starting to get mad that he can't finsih the movie, and he was so close, i just wouldn't let him, i guess you had to be there, HAHAHAHA.

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