Thursday, September 12, 2002

Sympathy for the Devil

Well damn, isn't this pathetic...I've got nothing to ramble about it seems. All too often have I had thoguhts, ideas, comments, questions, and other bunches-o-crap that I say to myself, "Hey, I'll have something to blog about tonight" yet never have the time to do it, or just plain out forget what it was. When I make it home at night, whatever hour it may be, my mother is using the internet, pissing me off, delaying my time to use, to the point where I fall alseep, only to wake up the next day, forgetting everything from the day previous, and having to go to work. Nothing is happening in Lowell, apparently Zach is visiting for the day or so, maybe I'll see him. Work is work, nothing I can do about that, though I am still trying to get a second job. Through the week I've had the revelation of week timing, apparently "the first of the week" really means, Wednesday or Thursday, and then when, let's say on a Wednesday, someone speaks of "later this week", it means Thursday or Friday. Damn people piss me off, I just want my Lucille back for the 25 days that I'll still have her. I did drive by the other night and set the alarm off, little things that humor me. So now everyone and their dog is getting a blog, and we all spend our pathetic little lives on making ours, and reading others, commenting on others at times, just to see how much everyone's lives suck compared to yours. Then there are the people who asy they have no time, yet their name is always online, or others who blogs just suck who spend all day online unidle. so yesterday was September 11, and what did you do? with a little more information and better planning, I may have been burning a flag. you know, I'll be as happy as peach pie when in three years we all will have forgotten about the Terrorist attacks. It happened, people died, whoop-dee shit, let's move on, America isn't as great as ya'll thought now is it? And another thign, why don't people comment? I mean I know who is visiting my blog, I have a tracker on it, but it's the same people over and over agian, not to discourage those who do comment, I love you Zach, and thoguh George you smile too much, your comments are appreciated as well.
So yeah people, when you read, i know you have things to say, there's this thing at the bottom by my name, it says, "Shout Out" and you click that and then you can comment, it takes but 30 seconds for the whole task. And you only have to fill out your name once, it remembers you each time you comment, wow. So tomorrow is Friday the 13th, I have the night off, the Rolling Stones play at Comisky Park, I don't have tickets. I would have liked to see them play, one of the few remaining groups that I could stand watching. I've only been to one concert, last year, Illinois State Fair, Bob Dylan...yeah, we all know how that went. I want to see the Stones, I looked for tickets online, ebay, i am even so tempted just to drive up there and buy some scalped tickets on the spot, just to get in the doors. My computer is still without it's power supply, damn well sent that thing in 4 weeks ago, i guess time is one thing that is defianly NOT on my side. It's not that I'm impatient, nor have instant gratification problems, it's just that I get dicked around. Lucille would be the excellent example of this,...if you're told one time table, and then are given a totally different one that is more than twice as long, dropped onto you at the last minute, then yeah, you'd be pissed too. And guess who else is going to be in town tonight, Vince Wagner, with is lovely bride Elizabeth, well girl partner person, yeah. And guess what else, they have tickets to the Stones concert for tomorrow. Can life rub my face in shit any more? I'm sure it can, and I'll be waiting. It seems that's the only thing I can do, wait. I'm waiting for Lucille, have been for the longest time, waiting for my power supply so I can boot up Ziggy 4 agian, waiting for my life to get on track, though that may be forever, waiting for my failures to come to me, yes that's the one. Waiting for my failures to come to me, repeat that phrase, I may not know what my failures will be, when they will come, or to what effect they will have, but I'll be waiting, maybe not ready to handle them, but ready for their arrival. It's kind of like "Prepare for the worst, hope for the best", but the exact oppoiste maybe? Preparing for nothing, which could be good, nothing bad happening is always good, things keeping on track, on pace, on rountine, is good. Hope for the worst, not true out hope for the worst, just think ahead, think what could be the worst, all the possible failures. by thinking out ahead of time what may fall through, orcrap out on you, that is planning in itself. when it does happen, it won't be a shock to you, you've already seen it coming, you knew what was gonig to happenm, how it was gonig to happen, and what your future reactions will be. You'll be able to handle it better, and be able to take on the next downfall. My night tonight will consist of a car-less evening, sleeping, and god knows what else.
P.S. Yes I know Tuesday's entry is just 4 dots, I wanted to cheat the system and make a mock posting to get the timestamp of Tuesday, then blog a little bit later of the day's events. Well it backfired on me, and I never got to blog about whatever it was I wanted to blog about. So I'll leave it, for all to see, in my archived history of Bloggdom, yeah whatever

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