Saturday, September 28, 2002

WARNING: This Blog is Pissy

Fuck I'm mad, very, very upset/angry, whatever
I'm hatefilled, or so I have been told
These new associates are going to face my whip next week
Fucking new associates
-------Not fucking in the sexual sense, fucking as in mother fucking god damn i hate them....
Am i selfrighteous?
george is an asshole
i wish harm/death upon people, that's not wrong is it?
i can make my tires peel out
i saw a fox by Evergreen park
if you hate/dislike/not condone actions by a group of people, why would you be sympathetic towards them if something bad haapened to said group?
Am i the one with tunnel vision, or have i been sent here to set right what once/is wrong?
They say Hindsight is 20/20..but what the fuck does that mean?
Why are there no good TV shows on anymore, and why don't tey have a set station for re-runs of the good ones???
Fuck it, i'm done, kill me now....

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