Thursday, October 24, 2002

The Day that Never Seems to End......

Ok, so I can't update when I have no time at all, not even 3 seconds at home and that's about it. Yesterday into today i had the longest day possible. I work at ALCO from 1 to 915pm or so, then my nightly job from 1030pm to 5am, after work we played baseball and went to eat at RtC, hell yes I like this group of people. then it was on my way back to ALCO and work from 8am to 4pm. Oh yes, i am wore out to say the least. So that is one of the reasons i have not been updating, i haven't had the time, literally, not even to sleep. I'm sorry if i made anybody mad **coughzackcough**.
--Side note--on the way back to lowell this morning i was going down 173rd, the back way avoiding rt 2, and as i came to the intersection of 173rd and parish, which i think finally has is fixed bridge and all, yeaaaaa, i rolled through the stop sign as i normally, for those who don't travel down 173, there's a cop that likes to park his squad car facing the road, to make people slow down and whatnot. Well needless to say as i got closer to the car i realized his lights were on and he was ni fact in his car, as i drove by he pulled out behind me. So i naturally started getting my stories together, getting out my license and registration and doing the speed limit. I make it to Nichols and turn right, i'm thinking he's going to wait until we can safely pull to the side of the road, well this mother fucker turns left. Ha, i got out of that one i must say, oh so close, but we all know i'll roll it agian.

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