Thursday, October 31, 2002

Moonlight Madness & ALCO at it's Worst

So this Wednesday night was ALCO's little open til 10, 20% off crap-a-thon and employess could dress up but nobody did...well....the story goes something like this.......
George called me up to the service desk, and i immediatly questioned as to what he possible needed, i was just up there. I saw Kay from George's Resturant, Victor's girlfriend, at the register thinking maybe that's why he called me up. so i naturally came behind the desk and asked what George need me for. Then all of a sudden i heard, clunk clunk clunk, i turn and look, but it's too late, Donna is walking behind the desk trapping me in...and she's donning a full out clown costume, faced painted and everything. Panik hits me like a bucket of water, i just stood there, frozen in a catatonic state, my smile was still plastered on my face that's how froze i was. i could barley look at her, she stood behind me for several minutes, i did face her, touched her nose, looked at her feet, then she left. Then they called Kim up to the desk but only on the side, so when donna apporached she ran into elsectronics, i then flipped over the service desk and ran to kelsey's side on register 1. I then made the comment that i have never felt so sick before in my life and ran out to Wilco. I bought a 2 lite of pop and went into the pharmacy to talk with Tina. There was another clown behind the courtesy booth, but didn't have a painted face so it wasn't as scary, i was telling tina, so as i left and turned the corner out of Fagen's, i literally bumped into the damn clown. I yelped, than ran out of the store back to ALCO. I went to the office and balled my eyes out for a good 10 minutes, i hyperventilated and my body was tingling, my lips, nose, fingers, stomache, all tingling, it was insane. later i met up with Kim who had made her way to the bathroom and was puking the whole time. We held each other in the breakroom in fear of what could still be out there. It really put a damper on the evening. God damn i fucking hate clowns!!!

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