Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Nothing for Nothing

So not much to say really, when you got nothing, you got nothing to lose, yeah i suppose that's true? Bastards...nevermind...online shit...so i work 19 miles away from my house, give or take. I can make it there in around 25 minutes. You'd think by now i'd learn the route or something, or buildings, or something, nope. All i know is that around 7ish in the morning a Pepsi truck is heading south on Indianapolis Blvd after Target and usually turns left onto 30. Oh, the Amoco gas station next to the McDonald's in Cedar Lake is changing into a BP, hell yes i say!!! Well that makes Barcus wrong, who said it wouldn't be changing over for a few years at least, lest it's getting a face lift....into a BP. Now if only it had those really cool pumps i like ever so much. And speaking of that landmark, i can make it from there to my house in 7 minutes, yeah i rock. you know what sucks, i lost my remote starter for my Lucille, and it's turning winter, insert sad face here, oh well on the bright side i learned how to use my key for my door, and how it can open juts that door or all my doors depending on what i do with the key, how K-Rad! ouch, just ran my hands through my hair, bye bye devil horns, my hair feels really nasty, yes, lather rinse repeat i will. the deal at KFC is good, made me happy, i think. Hmmm, stuff sucks. I think that is all i got, well, i got nothing, so yeah, that's all.......

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