Wednesday, October 16, 2002

OK, so I've been slacking on the Updates, Sorry...

I don't recall the last time i blogged, so i don't know what to mention in my blog about anything that has happened, oh wait, nothing ever happens, yeah that's right.....Anyways, last night was the first time we went out to RtC in like a week at least, go figure, it wasn't even a healthy bunch, but i suppose we needed our litle fix of RtC-ness. I've been working my ass off, and so that is one of the reasons i haven't updated in awhile, i'm sorry Zach, please forgive me. Oh, i know, I started rearranging me room on monday of last week, another reason to get blogbehind. So i have been fiddling with that and then loosing things, then geting pissed that i lost them, finding my bills at the last second only to just pay them on time. One tip, try to keep somewhat organized even when your room turns into total disarray. Then i tried to hook up my stereo center and now that didn't work, so i have been going to Radio Shack in the mall to get parts, grrr, but guess what, last night in my delusion awakenness at 330 i fixed it, don't ask me what i did, but it is going strong right now. Speaking of going strong, my computer is up and 70% operational, i am everso happy, it's been running ever since it got the new PS, one thing though, whenever it wants to dial out to connect with the modem it restarts, hmmmm, zach? Oh, i have yet to use my microwave though, HA! It's turning cold outside, i don't like that very much, but one thing i do enjoy is the smell of heat coming from the vents for the first time that year, ahhhhh, warmth. Brooke came back home for fall break, though i didn't get to see her much, and trying to watch SNL was a bomb, damn the antennas with crapyass reception. Oh well, i still enjoyed her company. OH OH, Sunday we watched Short Circuit and Short Curcuit 2, OMD that was sooo great, the second one makes me cry though, a lot. I recommend these 2 movies when you need a good laugh, defiantly a great family movie. Ahhhh, ok so that rapps it up i guess, i'll try to keep this updated more now that i have received hate mail from it. good day to you..

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