Friday, November 08, 2002

Am I getting the 6th Man Award?

So I noticed on the ALCO schedule my name has moved, but not in a good way. For the managers we have a little setup that goes from longest/most important from top to bottom. George only gets put on the top because unfortunaly he has the title of store manager. Next is Donna, true second in command, next is Sharon, onlt because of longevity, next should rightly come me, has before, but as of lately he has put Judy in front of me, which would make me 5th. Now we all love Judy, at times, but she can't perform half as nearly operations as myself, granted she has "been there" since the store opened (one day a month worker). I didn't complain until now. Tony K. is now ahead of me, sure he has been there for 3 years, but only a group manager for 3 months, agian can't perform as much as me, and can't even dress nicely for a manger's position, and George hates his laugh. So that makes me last and least, worthless number 6. Well from now on we'll just see what number 6 will do. That's right, nothing, piss me off, i'll do nothing, i'm not good enough. No office work for me to do. I'll stand around twiddling my thumbs, why not, i'm the loser leftover. Well i suppose it's alright, it'll be the last time HE puts my name on the schedule.....

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