Friday, November 29, 2002

Biggest Shopping day of the Year....Means I'm Working

Not much really to say, ALCO was pretty busy today, thoguh the $49.00 VCR was kinda a bust. As you can see I'm tinkering with my blog a little bit, putting up Zach's prank call thing and whatnot. I work tonight at Target and they say the pulls will take forever due to the madness at thanksgiving. Zak and I talked about Target and whatnot, it was all good. I guess it's the same shit there as well, damn flow team, blow team, no talent ass clowns, sorry. I have thisweird urge to go shopping, maybe at the mall, i just want to yell at people and push people in the crowds, and maybe get some good deals on items on sale. I think my writting style is really sucking, i thought i could write a little better than this, lordy this is crap.
I would work 100 Hours
I realized that I want to work well over 80 hours around X-mas time, only because it will be very much possible. Target is already having people go over 40 hours a week, and depending if it is a holiday week at ALCO i can get over 40 there. i think the ultimate would be to get triple digits with hours. Probably get 45 from Target and 55 from ALCO. It will be easier now that ALCO's hours are til 10 for X-mas, but yes, i want 100 hours in one week, which would be harder to do on the week of X-mas, because neither place is open, but i think that would just be a day of rest, i know i can do this, it is my new goal, how sad is that?

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