Friday, November 08, 2002

A Clockwork Blue

If we could turn back the clock for just a second to this time last week, approximatly, where in i made the comment how i was planning to do something crazy/outrageous/whatever in a week. It was fueled, if not ignited last Saturday and finalized as a complete action(s) to be on Sunday. The intensity of such crazed event was magnified when i came to realize that as of Friday at 4 i was not due back to work till 11 on Sunday. Throughout this week i have been changing my thoughts and intuitions as to what i could possible do, but the main basis for the notion was still the same, outlandishenss.One hint I will gove to you the reader is that I won't be in on that fatefilled Sunday to ALCO at 11, i'll be too wrapped up in my weekEND. Should you be worried, yes; should you be fearful, depends who you are; should you be prepared, no I like it better that way. And a word of advice, don't come looking for me, you won't find me; don't try calling me, i won't answer; if you do happen to see me this weekend, don't consider yourselves lucky. I know i'll be enjoying my weekEND, won't you???

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