Monday, November 18, 2002

Is this possible??

So It's early in the morning on Monday, and I have come to realize after leaving Target a few hours ago, that I have already racked up 16+ hours for this week, AND IT'S ONLY MONDAY. Ok, keep in mind that i also work another 6 hours at ALCO on Sunday for Customer Appreciation Night. Well, that's basically my life, work and a lot of it. I still have 3 more nights to work at Target and I know i will get overtime, so now the question is, do i tell someone about it and get sent home early on Friday night, or do i let it slide, saying i didn't catch it and get overtime....hmm, i'll go for the overtime, i'll take the bitching. (you see, Target is a stickler on overtime, so i will defiantly get bitch at for not watching my hours, though they are the ones making the schedule) So yeah, that's it for this entry, later.

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