Wednesday, November 27, 2002

No Snow, Angry Face

Well, yesterday it snowed, i hate the snow. And to make matters worse, as the snow fell, it hit the streets, warmed, then froze, causing the streets to be slippery as hell, The roads were terrible around 10:00, but apparently that was only in lowell, as some of the workers came in saying it was fine by then until they got into lowell. Way to go lowell, kill your inhabitants. My car was sliding all around, and i didn't feel too safe in it, even with the traction active thing on. I think Jenny could have handled it better, i always did love that car. Lucille just handles way to differently and i don't know why. Speaking of Lucille, her 50,000 mile warrenty is coming up soon, cople more trips to work and she'll be spent. Maybe I should get a new car......As for Turkey day, well Target has this plan for us to be out of the store very early, maybe around 3, so that blows the RtC early morning thing. So instead I'll just go home, go to sleep and that'll be it. Noone is supposed to be out and aout on Thanksgiving, leaving there respected houses and such, so i don't think anyone will be coming over here to bother me. I really don't want to go over to my grandparents, i mean old people, who are family, grrr. And i know if i go, they'll try and have m say grace, this will be the fifth year now they have tried. it just pisses me off. I refuse, then when i say i'll do it, i just make a mockery of it, never saying thanks for anything good, just thanks for all the bad stuff, never saying god this or that, and not amen, but the end. Well we'll just see what happens, til then..

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