Wednesday, November 06, 2002


Well , I had some stuff to say, but it is way too early for me, haven't had any sleep, and am a little disorrientated. now this is upseting me, why can't i remember, and don't say it wasn't important. Hmmm, oh, one thoguht on my mind would be if i were to commit suicide i would be the first ot die from the 2001 class, how sweet would that be? Zach always talks about who will be first, might be a title worth holding....George said something to me as i left his apartment yesterday, " alright, well be good....i heard you are" that was a little disturbing to me, i guess it's better than him saying, "i know you are", but still the fact remains, how would he get such information? I'd surely like to know who i was good with and when, i mean it's not like i have had but one person in my life for the past 2 years, ,and nothing before that...bastard, probably just fucking with me. I hate him, though he will love this statement, i also hope he loves the bloody nose i gave him. why must i be such a violent person....oh, maybe because harm is the only way to correct continious shittyness. now i'm not saying vilonece should be the first reaction, althoguh we seem to all think it is at times, or at least feels right. start slowly, then bust a kneecap or two. Yeah, i should have been in the mafia, always wanted to be. Had i stayed living in Lynwood i would have gone to work at The White Rose Inn, a local high class resturant operated by a gang. ....I just realized that i work from 8 to 4 Friday at ALCO and don't work agian til Sunday @ 11 at ALCO, i have Friday night and Saturday off, wow, amazing. I should go somewhere, but where wants me is the question. I did have a trip south planned out, but that kinda fanned out. Maybe further south? why would i go anywhere for just a day, i just have to come back to my hell on Earth called life. And what';s with this sudden boom of Blog-age, all these people now have blogs: Brooke, Vince, Lucille, Kendall, and the list continues, oh well, such is a thing, good luck to all those, and keep up on the up keep. I'm done talking in circles, out.

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