Saturday, November 23, 2002

Take Two

Well my mother had a bit of car trouble Friday night, not 2 hours into the trip and the trans goes out. So i guess they tried to call me, but I was at work of course, so bill came up and hauled the car (Jenny mind you) in on Sat. Yes, if we all remember correctly that trans was just put in but a year ago, irony at it's best, and thanks giving last year was Friday's date this year, haha. Apparently dispite the first failed attempt, they are heading back down on Sunday, so once agian Thanksgiving is cancelled for me this year. I will probably be heading to RtC right after working Target, so around 7ish, plus RtC is only open til 2 that day, shucks. If anyone cares to join me, it may be a nice little thing, if not, oh well, I'll just get my usual.

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