Thursday, November 28, 2002

Thanksgiving at the Baiel's

Well the day started off a little late for myself, Target didn't let out til 630 or so, but we had everything done. On the way home I saw a huge line circling from the front doors of K-Mart out into thrie parking lot, almost made me want to go and join them, but I didn't. Not much happened from that point til 3 when zach called me and asked what i was doing, he demanded my presence over to his house for thanksgiving at 4, so i went. I enjoyed the dinner, in fact it was a great time. They had a lot of food, food i liked which is a rare thing because my family used to make a bunch of crap food and i would only eat half of it. I even tried some of the game hen, which tastes like greasy chicken, but very good. I think Zach's dad liked the wine a lot as well, ha ha. After dinner we took a look at the new craft room, aka zach's old room HA! Then Barcus and Duncan came over and we went to the truck stop where we met up with George and Salai, later to come was Jimmy C, then Twan, and then Anne. We also saw Joe and Melissa, opps, Steph sitting in Non-Smoking and we each took our turns harrassing them. Around 830 we headed up towards Merrillville to go to K-Mart, but that was a bust seeing how we had only 4.2 minutes to run around the store trying to find the deals, George ended up buying some Out-of-the-package-75cent underwear, hahahaa. Then off to Meijer round the corner. In the 45 minutes we were there i spent $90, ouch, well it was the $35 Blue Spiral X-Mas tree which knocked it up so high. I bought a couple cases of the 24 case pepsi on sale for $3.68, amazingly great deal!!!! So now i have a stockpile of Pepsi and Coke products, to quote Barcus, "that's more pop than Costas has" After that we headed back to the truckstop where we got together with Jill and Jorge, and Heather came shortly after. Seeings it was after 11:00, running on very little sleep, and had to be at work at 6am the next day i went home, the others headed off to Denny's in Merrillville, i know back and forth, back and forth, but hey, it's us. and so ended one day...

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