Sunday, November 24, 2002

This Ever Happen to You?

Do you know what has received my attention lately, weird occurances, please, let me explain. It's the situation wherein let's say you and a colleague are chatting away, and one of you recollects a certain someone randomly, then the other person asks, "yeah, whatever happened to him?", only for him to appear/call/whatever in a short amount of time. Like today I was driving home from Target, and as I get close to rt 2 on 41, I think, "hmmm, wouldn't it be weird to see Kristen drive by one day, I mean she goes to work in the morning, i return from work in the morning, it could happen." Well as I get into the turning lane, rt 2's traffic crosses and coming northbound on 41 is a blue pontiac sunfire, well low and behold it's Kristen. We waived and i drove past her seeings I had the light first, and went about my day only to blog about this. Which reminds me of a Gilligan's Island episode..i used to watch the re-runs as much as possible, and i got to thinknig one day, how come their were no children on boaard, sure enough but 30 minutes after that thought i am watching and the crew find an islander boy, whom only later is sent by the crew in an airballon to rescue them, which of course never happens. but the fact that i was thinking about it, then it happened just freaks me out. It's like we're in the Matrix or some shit, well that's all.

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