Tuesday, November 19, 2002


So the question that is skipping through my mind is "why is it that every morning that I go to look at my blog is it NOT THERE!!!???" I mean it's the only time i get to go online, due to work, "family", and other crapass things, it saddends me. I don't ge to look at my pretty blog, read any of ZACH's comments, because he's the only one who make them (insert sad face here), i don't even get to see my weather bitch and see what slutty clothes she has on for the day...grrrrr. i suppose he could yell at me for not blogging in awhile, i do appologize for it, but i haven't had the time, sorry. plus i have these great ideas, but they fly out from my mind like a leaf escaping the pile next to the road as i swiftly drive by. Hmm, i have had a LOT on my mind the past couple weeks as well, some sad, lot confusing, others just there. I'm even behind on writting in my "Bitch Book/Random Book of Thoughts/Book of Random Thoughts/Blue Day Book" whatever, so many thoguhts, so little time. sorry...

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