Friday, December 06, 2002


ok, so i left ALCO wednesday night and headed out on 41. I didn't even get to Uncle John's Flea Market and i noticed a car on the side of the road and the hazards flashing.. I started slowing down and then i saw two guys walking up ahead carrying a gas can, knowing it was cold as fuck out it was then i decided to pull over and give them a ride. now i must say, this will be the first time i had ever given a ride to strangers found along side the road, so i was a little worrie, not too much though. Although the person whom i was having a conversation with on my cell phone got pissed and decided to hang up the phone disregarding my pleas for her to stay on just in case, since she was that worried. So they came up to my car and told me how they ran out of gas, i popped the trunk, unlocked the doors and they got in. I noticed as one of the guys who was entering my backseat next to Safety bear had a familar face. I said, "hey, i know you, you were the guy who used to tip me all the time as Costas" He then recognized me and we continued conversing. I took them to the Amaco, now BP in cedar lake and then back to their abandoned truck. They were apologizing if they made me late for work at Target, i told them it wouldn't be a problem. The other guy said i made it onto his X-mas card list, but i found out the guy who tipped me is ruth Bougie's brother, how ironic, so we talked about that. Another thing that they liked was my car, couldn't get over how nice it was, and of course the blue lights inside. The guy i didn't know made the comment, and i won't forget it, "man, you must get more pussy than a toliet seat" Hahaha, i had to laugh, and shouldn't the quote go eaither way, more ass than a toliet seat, or more pussy than a tampon? whatever, i enjoyed it, so yeah, pay it forward, or something like that, i will pull over for people more often because of this, i mean i had always wanted to, just too much in a hurry, but this time i stopped, and now i feel good about it, yea me, goodnight

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