Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Re-Cap of the Year

Well another year has come and gone, and i especially don't remember the highlights of the year. I quit college and Twan joined me, together we spent many an hour at ALCO, then it was January. The "first" visit, which came to be many many visits, and a natural way of eating happened withGeorge, Heather, and myself when we ate at RtC, and I was the first to spill a pop on myself. On a dare around 1130 on a sat night we headed down to IU to go out for breakfast and 20 bucks, only to return back to lowell and work in the morning. My sickness grew worse and i was coughing up blood, i was bed ridden for a weekend, yet still threw one hell of a party. Everynight routines were introduced to the college folk spring breakin', and they loved every second of it. Curiosity killed the cat, and almost did the same for me, after spending a couple visits at the infamous "jackie's", everybody decides they want to "be" as well. After a bad joke involving ditching and eating at Steak and Shake, several friendships were crushed, followed by a drug bust involving 9 squad cars and everybody in the parking lot thouroughly searched, **Chirp Chirp** But the night didn't end there, after a snack at the newly opend DD/BR in crown point we headed to lowll and picked up various trash only to be put later and arranged in room fashion in Scott Salai's driveway. That was probably the highlight for the year for everyone, it will defiantly get my award this year. A couple more trips were made to Jackie's, but that faded out quickly, and we never heard from them agian, though we do now have a "secret" place to eat for when we want to ditch people and not go to RtC. My birthday came and went unnoticed, even by my family members. The only thing i got was Lucille, my car, purchased by me. Couple weeks later went up to UofM to visit and such, on the way back i forgot what i had came up there for. In may i said goodbye to Costas for the last time, step out it's doors may 9, never to return, and i haven't stepped foot in since. college's round indiana were finishing up, a select few coming back to jobs at alco. Zach calls it quits on college life, late only to move in with me, for about a week, am i that bad of a host? Garden shop thrives, after being brought down, several sidewalk bonanzas take place, the best including a bounce house, cotton candy, "ice cold pop and hot hot dogs". Zak Duncan soon quit his job at ALCO only to get a better one at Target. Zach Baiel fought frantically agianst time trying to figure out his life. Several ideas ran through his head, trips to california, trips to canada, going back to school, and so forth, but he has settled hisself down with his girlfriend in lafeyette for the time being with a nice apartment on the east side of town. Late one July night i lost control of my car and crashed it into a mighty ditch, waited for ever for that car to come back to me Vince and I made the excursion across indiana and ohio to cleveland and visited the rock n roll hall of fame. Coleges round the nation started back up agian, and everyone, but the strong/stubborn few stayed behind. Beginning of september the word festardo was introduced into our vocabulary. mid september i finally got my car back, go me. Still job searching, several months in, all postions at aldi's full, only to land my job at target weeks later. Halloween comes, only to make me ball my eyes out and kim puke all over the bathroom, damn we fucking hates clown. Winter's depression comes in full force, those thoughts enter my head agian, and to top it off the waters between me and my love become treacherous. the taste of wilco fills the appitites of the town in several ways. I go on a 3 or so day hiatus and am lost driving round the midwest, ending up at zach baile's house for a night. who knows whatever happened of this. I find out i have to be out of this house in lowell in months to come. Thanksgiving comes, my mother ditches out on me and i am left to salvage the rest the best i can, eat with Zach and his family then go out for the evening. BTTF was released the 17th, yea to that. X-mas came and went as well, agian i was all by myself. and as the year runs down, i find out that my only reason i live everyday is turning their back on me and says no more. so as i wrap up this last blog for the year, i have nothing to look forward to, hell, agian i am spending new year's, the one time i still held some accountability towards, i am spending alone, and now it will mean nothing to me, just as chrsitmas does. a life like this isn't worth living. well that's all for this year, who knows about tomorrow, or what the future holds, though i wouldn't mind my resolution for next year to not be alive, but i don't see that happening. that's all, til next year

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