Tuesday, December 24, 2002

So F'ing What?

Well, it's X-Mas Eve, so F'ing what is what i say. I know i won't be spending any time with my family, though my mother was really insistant that i join her for the family dinner tonight, F it. I spent this morning eating at Denny's with Zak and a co-worker of his, we had a good time, shot the shit, mostly about target and no talent ass clowns (flow). He just happened to get ahold of me as i was leaving Meijer, i decided to go there because i was ditched by my other coworkers to go out for breakfast, which reminds me, i got shit in my car that needs to go to the freezer, brb.....alright, now we're good. o also got some egg nog, can't have a winter holiday without it. i also noticed we have a real X-Mas tree in the living room, excellant. but i will just be lounging around all day, i want to watch some movies but i doubt that will happen.i don't know if i will go into ALCO today, or if i still have a job there, i kinda got pissed off the other day and said some shit i did mean, threw my keys at george and told him i'm gone. yeah that's pretty much it. if things don't change around alco i will be gone, and there will be a law suit. in a way i would hate for it to come down to that, but then agian, i would get some money out of it and could only work the one job. well no use in blogging during break, there's no one to read or comment on it, so i won't be a bloggin' til next year...if i am still alive, lord knows i don't want to be, but oh well, you can't always get what you want. goodnight, time to clean up my room

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