Wednesday, December 18, 2002


Ok, as you all know, Back to the Future was released on DVD yesterday, if you didn't, you need to die...anwyas, so i was going to pick my copy up first thing Tuesday morning at Target, where i get 10% off plus Target had the key chain offer which is cooler than the watch Best Buy was offering. So i went to Target and i noticed Zak Duncan's car in the parking lot, for i was at the Merrillville Target (was **Taget**, but now **Taret**). So i go in, wander around and look for him, then i get the idea to call him on his cell, so i did, and he was outside. upon adventuring out the green entrance i found him with scarlen (i hope i spelled her name right) I asked if there were any more BTTF DVDs left because i didn't find a single one at that store. I mean i still had the time to go to my highland target and pick up a copy, but i figured i was there, why not get it there, well zak's girl friend (notice the two words are seperated, not sure if anything is going out between them yet, don't want ot be pushy with titles anyways) did finally locate me the very last copy, hell yes!!!! Then i ventured over to RtC and met up with Anthony. We hada good time, i found out my phone has a zoom feature on it, and i finally talked to fish girl, hahaha. Fish girl being Crystal, and me only knowing that from a guy i work with in the backroom at Target with, so it was kinda hard to start the conversation the way i wanted to without telling her the real reason why she came up in conversation, that she looks like a fish, but i salvaged it by mentioning her license plate, "fetish iv" or some crap. so yeah, that basically sums up all that, hope you enjoyed...

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