Tuesday, January 07, 2003

The First Blog of the Year

Wow, it's now the 7th and I am just putting up my first post for the year. There's not much to really comment on yet; Target kept me, so now I'm a regular and no more being called seasonal. Hours are being cut everywhere, but i'm still getting on average 4 days at Target. I've been having some "crazy" ideas about my life and future, but who knows, i think i'll start looking for some apartments or something, but what's to say i'll be living in this area...College has opened it's doors agian, so the fuckers flock on back, unfortunatly, or should i say not, three more people won't be returning back this semester. the class of 2001 is the official dropout class now, and we still are counting on at least two more to drop out. well that's all for now, i don't know what to say, who knows what's happening, keep your shoes straight, and your eyes tied, don't be a punk, but laugh cause the cat died....

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