Sunday, January 19, 2003

Thursday, A Long Day in Indiana

So Thursday was a relativly busy day. For starters, it was inventory day at ALCO, and that meant being at work at 6:15 in the morning, not to mention a week full of random tasks to do and put up with Denver and the assistant managers from DeMotte for a week. On the plus side, Dunkin Donuts were served, but i think i only had 2 from the 36 or so that were there. This year's inventory service was provided by RGIS, my ol buddies, i recognized some of them, especially that damn old Hiratta's bitch -story- the day i worked with her i could hear her yell "Price Check" only moments later say "never mind" just about every 5 seconds. Well she did it agian today at ALCO, and i warned everyone about her. Oh how the red shirts, yellow tags galare, and the big bulky adding machines reminded me of my time when i did that. I am still hatfilled from my first and last day when i had to count rocks, bin after bin of dirty rocks. And then when i thought i was in the clear to count normal shit agian, i had to count paper, sheets and sheets of paper, not to mention the ficus trees in hte bathrooms. Ughhh, and to think, if i hadn't wrecked my car I may still be employed there, scary. Anyways, in the end the inventory was a good one, but the funny thing is, if you ask anyone what our score or total was, everybody has different numbers, not even remotely close to anything said prior. Try asking the man himself, all he says is, "it was a good one" He's just happy because now HE gets a big fat bonus check, and can leave Lowell whenever he wants. but it wasn't all fun and games, that day, the grunts -non upper level managment - had a truck to unload, yes i realize it is inventory day and we are unloading a truck, but not any ordinary truck, a truck from hell. I'd say over a good three quarters of the truck was ours, over 900 pieces. And because it was inventory day, we had to keep EVERYTHING in the stock room, softlines, repacks, everything. We had come off the truck, 4 rocker glider chairs, 3 futons, 2 TV's along with everything else. Not to mention as we were unloading, the battery delivery decided to come as well. Oh, but it gets better, didn't think it could did ya? Any time we order 2-4 pallets of salt, we only get half of that, oh but not this fucking time, we had to hand load off 4 pallets of frozen ass salt; just me, dewes, bill for parts, and tony for half of it. middle finger definatly given to whomever planned it like that.
On other notes, ALDI's grand opening was thursday as well. Every old person who came into ALCO was talking about it. Out of spite i did not go to their grand fiasco, but as i passed my former employer Costas at 630 i noticed but 6 cars in their parking lot, and i know 2 of them were employees. Everyone has been talking about how much ALDI is going to hurt Wilco, and I hope it does, but they aren't saying much about costas. Unless you bring up an agruement for it, then they will discuss it effects on Costas. It's funny how the old people and people on that half will still want to go to costas and keep it in business. Well that is about it for now...

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