Sunday, February 09, 2003

Saturday February 1, 2003
I'm sailing away, set an open course for Terre Haute...

So after getting some sleep in after my night at Target wherin my partner for the special project called off I decided it was time I headed to Terre Haute to see my Vince at Rose. This of course had the hidden undertones that I would also head Northeast to Muncie to visit my other lovely. The only reason why i didn't head to Ball State first was for the fact that Brooke claimed she would be busy all day set building and such for the play next week. So i took my rection in stride and went south on 41, made it to the evil Sumava Resorts in 6 minutes, but shorty after that i was pulled over by a state trooper whom was in front of me. He reversed/backwards clocked me from a mile away, damn him! Claimed I was doing 80 something at my high point and 60 or so at my low, got a ticket of course, out of state plates aren't good to have, grrr. So that started out my litle trip on a bad note, but I was going to see Vince, it would be all good in the end. I did slow down after that point tough, and thus made my trip a little bit longer than wheat i had projected it to be. So I drove and drove and drove,seemed like a long time, these trips are getting to me i think. I finally made it to Terre Haute, remininced about the week I spent at ISU for Hoosier Boys State only to return that fatefilled Saturday wherein I met Brooke for the very first time, though it wasn't much of a visit, we didn't know each other and we were just there so Tristen could pick up his little sister, but I did think at that time brooke was cute and wanted to go back agian when tristen went back, and successfully TP'ed the Schulfer's. Ohh memories, funny how everything can be related back to her. Anyways, i did get a little bit lost on my way, it was dark and I'm retarded, but I made it. So after the little gathering in Elizabeth's room they showed me around campus, even though it was dark, i still enjoyed, plus they said it looked better at night anyways, hides the filth. So after the complete tour we headed off for the mall, and i had Vince and Elizabeth listen to my Rolling Stones Symphony CD. Vince wanted to get pretzels from Auntie Annes. The pretzels were good, i just had an original with dipping cheese. It was humorous to sit down and watch all the fat Terre Haute people walk around in the mall, along it the slutty 12 year olds and the maintence gut who kept coming out of different doors. Afterwards we headed right over to the TGIFriday's with the idea i had coupons on me, well i realzied soon after that they were still sitting on my desk back home, grrr. I ordered some plain ol chicken sandwhich, something i knew i would be able to finish, and i got a whole lot of spite for it, then i counter-spited, and there was so much spite who knew what was gonig on, yes elizabeth can be a handfull, handfull of spite, but that's ok, it was enjoyable. Food took too long, we go pissed, no big deal, after dinner we headed back to Rose. We started to watch part of SNL, but decided we were all tired and went to bed, but before i did i had to call brooke to see if she tried to call, she promised she would and my phone wasn't receiving any reception in that part of the building. Well i called her, she told me she didn't call, but promised, agian, she would later. I told her it was no big deal, i wasn't getting a signal on my phone, but she said she would try. Around 4 she left a voicemail saying she forgot and fell asleep, i do remember my phoneringing, whether it was for the call or the voicemail i'm not sure, but it stopped by the time i realized what it was. The morning quickly came and we walked over to the cafeteria to eat breakfast/lunch. Hell yes dorm food, i was so happy, it reminded me of my days back in Michigan, almost worth crying over, but not quite. We sat at a round table and we commented on all the different freaks that walked in. Good ogd are there freaks at Rose. I witnessed ponytail girl, fannypack girl, and sandal wearing guy. Basically the entire population of Rose is freaks, geeks beyond that of kriske, and just plain ol fucking wierd people. Even Vince's roommate is messed up. I'd fear to live there like they do. We wrapped up the day with the traditional throwing of rocks into the iced-covered lake and riding the girl riding a fish. After much crying and hugging and weeping and sobbing and ok maybe not, i said goodbye and left Rose. I made one call to Brooke to see if she was there, of course she wasn't and i left a message saying i was going back to lowell. So i mdae the 2 hour trip back in good time, an hour and 20 minutes to kentland. i wasn't speeding excessivly, just keeping with my three car train....

Back and Zach
So i made it back to lowell, made my rounds to alco, my house, and family video, and then i noitced zach's car as at his parent's house, he must be back, so i stopped and much to my suprise there he was. barcus made it over shortly after and we all decied to split up, get some other people and meet at the truckstop. So there we all sat, talked about drugs, alcohol, more drugs, sex, drugs, and god only knows what else, oh yeah, car troubles. we moved tables twice, had more people join with us, but by 940 it was time for me to go, and dewes did the same. I made my return to call to brookie at 10 when i got home, she had called me earlier at the truckstop, but wasn't there or answering her phone. Eventually i did get a hold of her, turns out she was there, just sick and dying in bed. Then she confessed to me...she told me she couldn't lie to me, she wasn't set building all day, but rather went to a dance, with a guy, and thus gave me the run around so i wouldn't come down to see her. The funny thing is that i saw a poster for that dance when i had made the trip down the week prior, and i was going to ask her about it, if she was going, but forgot or something. I mean I'm not mad she went to the dance, just a little let down that she didn't tell me the truth straight up. Yes i was crushed, crushed by the fact that she could go and dance with another guy so easily after easily leaving me. Jealous of the fact someone else got to have a good time with her while i sat at home or whatever letting my heart bleed. Every weekend there's a nail in the coffin, something that keeps ruining my days off, my efforts to make things better, but yet i am still continuing, i'm still trying, still fighting, the jason angus most people know is a stubborn fuck who will do whatever it takes to get what he wants and will never give up at that process...i don't want to let anyone down, hence, i perdure.

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