Saturday, February 15, 2003

Ssdt5$^4egI&*(m naw...Yeah You Fucking Heard ME!!!

Yeah, well as you can tell from the title, I'm in a world own, maybe that's the best way to put it. Just got home from Target, got out early i suppose you can say. roads are terrible, some guy got me stuck on the hill over by my house, pissed me off, fucker stop at the stop sign on a hill. Anyways, apparently i blog too much detail, or that's the impression i get. I don't know, i try to get out all the relevant points, and though they might seem pointless i assure you they lead up to something. the only problem i have with typuing that much shit is the over use of the same words. i tend to use the words like, "well" "so" "and then", others might use "proceded", i don't know if it's me, but if i type/read the same words over and over in an essay/blog, whathave you, i get pissed and statr skimming, if the writer can't think of better words to use than the ones he's already said 12 times, then i don't have to take in the shit. I realized tonight at work my thoughts aren' even close to being anything even logical. Short fragmented ideas, scattered about randomly with no finalization and are even to quick to be considered whimsical. At work i like to think to myself, gather information and ideas, and i am usually good about coming to conclusions, even stupid ones at that, but at least the are solid ideas. It's like i'm loosing parts of my mind, no conotation or belief is healthy, scatter-brained isn't even the term for it. I don't even know i'm doing it unless i concentrate hard and try to think logically about what i just said/thoguht. we played over-the-phone -Tic-Tac-Toe the other night agian. it was so shocking, but she broguht it up, it was emotional. We were ending our conversation, wherein she had called me, and as we are saying our goodbyes, she just asks, do you want to play tic tac toe agian? it reminded me of something people do, "for old times sake" "like we used to do" something that had meaning back when, so to rekindle the good memoriess, let's do it agian. We played 3 games, and i let her win, yes, jason angus, Mr. Sore-loser let someone win. as we finished up with her victory lap and glaoting, she asked me if i was just humoring her because it sounded like so in my voice, i replied no, it just was a moment, and i was in shock. I don't work at target agian til thursday, how much does that suck? Today i get to orientate/orient...partake in giving orientation to my other hire, fun fun. I wasn't able to get bagels today/this morning becuase panera bread doesn't open til 6 or soemthing of the sorts. Yesterday was VD! I spent most of the day sleeping, then watching movies. Oh I did my laundry as well, go me. I put up an away message i thoghut was one of my bests, went somethign along the lines of, "....and my phone is turned off to avoid those unwanted calls, and calls from those who don't want you....." Yeah i never actually listened to the lyrics of Buddy Holly's "that'll be the die that i die", but it's sad and depressing, but is has that damn upbeat 50's pop thing going so who can tell the difference. I tell you one thing i am really starting to like the bluesy electronic guitar sounds, i want an electric guitar to make cool noises. I'm liking more zeppelin and bob dylan's "brand new lepord skin pillbox hat" any suggestions of some other good sounds? It's my shoes that stink, and i don't know what's wrong with them. i've never had a pair of shoes in my life which made my feet stink so badly before, but these damned new shoes i tell ya, grrr. I need to get to the mall sometime soon so i can get new pants and clearanced deals yo, but i know i'll be too damned tired to do it after work today. I got my dvd's in yesterday, thoguh i have seen the movies, i am just happy to hold them as my very own, not many things i can still do that with. and my discover card has been giving me troubles, the damn thing wasn't accepted for gas last night at the BP, so i had to use my BP card instead. I mean it's not a big deal if my card gets rejected, i got like 12 others i can use on the spot, but what the shit, it's the only one i use, and i don't carry a balence on it. I wonder if UofM is looking for me...."I dig you baby, but I gotta keep movin on." fucking woman. I like fishing, but i had the catch of my life, i was ready to call it quits, but no, the fish that got away. so out of spite the fisherman just sits at home, baitless, tellnig stories of the one that got away. It makes me want to yell HAT!!!!!!!!!

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