Sunday, February 16, 2003

Sundays Suck!

Yeah, as you can see from the title, **don't you love howe the title tells ya everything** sundays suck. I used to be partial to them, liking and disliking at times, but today's experiences, well they just sealed the deal for me. Well, i got dressed up today, don't ask me why, just something simple though, shirt and tie, no suit or anything. I worked today, set up the rest of the center aisle, whoopdee. I think i lost some respect for my "best cashiers", i guess everyone is inheriently lazy. yeah, well looks like we got the code system down, "Store associates, code 6" haah, that means smoke break. Hell, even i have a code, i guess i am loved.**rolls eyes** anyways...
"Hi, I'm a dumbass, I'm Mike L."
So mike l visited in alco and bought some detergent or something, but quickly came back for his driver side rear tire was flat. after laughing at him we gathered up two extension cords and the air machine and headed towards his on-the-rim-flat. We filled it up, but you could see it was going to loose air quickly and i told hinm to get home as fast as he could. Well after pumping it up with air, he flies on out from his spot backwards, and i noticed that in the process he ripped out the extension cord from the machine and other extension cord. I waved to make him stop but he just waved back and flew past me. I tried chasing after his car but he spedily got onto route 2 with the cord chasing after him as well. he called alco when he got home and said the cord was in bad shape, what a dumbass...
Hi, we're losers, we're Twan and Jason"
Twan met up with me as i left alco, and we decided it was coffee time. But you see, the only problem with that is it was just us. We franticly tried calling people, but sadly we know noone, people were washing their hair, or had caller ID and didn't want to speak to us. Yeah it's sad when you have 2 numbers in your phone book, your cell and your home. So to no avail, we went to RtC by ourselves. We gopt a table for 4, saying that we think 2 more may be joining us, haha, we suck. I got tired at one point and randomly called numbers of people i haven't spoken to in awhile to see what would happen, free nights and weekends yo. I even called random numbers to see if someone was there, that turned out to be a bust as well. Though one person did call me back saying someone from my number called him, hahaha, sounds like a prank...
"Nobody likes me, I'm Twan"
Twan was having a bad night as well, i guess by the time we got our food, there were 3 different instances sunday up to that point wherein peopple thought he was mean. Even the people we called to join us, and bring thier friends wouldn't go or join because twan was mean. Poor twan, everyone's picking on him, and the only "freind" he had was me, damn i pity him. I think he was just having an off night, he also wanted to get some alcohol, but soon found out it was sucky sunday, and you can't by alcohol in indiana on a sunday, haahha. So after looking like fools we headed back south......
"Hi,I'm not pete"
At the amoco/bp in cedar lake we decided to turn left there, why not. After only moments in cedar lake I realized just how much i hate the damn place. Stupid turns and crap for a business selection, and i thought lowell was bad, we at least have a straight road. The lake was on my right hand side, throwing me off a bit as well...after driving around the lake and such i noticed that the car behind me has been following me for some time, and now they were pretty damned close. now i wasn't sure of the speed limit, but you all know how i drive, so there was no need for him to be that close. As i approached the stop sign the man in the white suv pulled along side of me. He rolled down his window and i did the same, he yells over to me, "oh, you're not pete, sorry, i thogut you weer one of my friends" as i muttered a confident hello over his words. He appologized and turned left, so i went right.
Dewes has a twin in Merrillville
So we made it back to lowell, and drove around, it was terrible. Twan finally decided for us to stop at Family Video to see in the sopranos dvd's were in. As we got out of my car, i asked him, is that dewes in there? Well much to our suprise, it was not, but a very close comparison we thought. What gave it away that it wasn't Dave was the fact the "dave" was wearing as purple **faggy** merrillville varsity jacket. I mean the hair flip was down perfect and everything, plus he was with two girls, i mean come on, it was dewes' twin, i swear to god. i would have gotten a picture of him, but i left my phone out in my car, damn. I at least got his last name, Weineke, hahaa. well enough of that time to get back on the road...
Fuckin' Blue Dice
We didn't get very far, actually the stoplight right at family video on Joe Martin, when a car pulls along side of us. I yelled out HAT! as i powered down twan's window and a smiling jackie wojcik, mary earpelding, and some guy in the backseat greated us. They took note of my lights and immediatly asked if i had sex in my car. Confused, i replied with an honest chuckle, no. They told us that having dice in your car means you have sex in there as well, news to twan and i. Basically, nobody will ever, for as long as i own that, have had, or will have sex in that car. of course i can boastfully say that, all passions of that type are being locked away, what good are they to me now, i guess masturbation is the only way to go, nobody's feelings gets hurt there. Though they are locked away tightly, people are trying to pry that damn door open, i'd just hate for me to one day loose it and go "Heather style", that would just kill me, along with all the STD's, haahahha, shall we continue... We stayed and chatted as the light turned green, then finally we went our seperate ways when another motorist wanted to get throguh the intersection.
Memories a bitch, .........please no spin-offs of that
Well we drove around some more then finally called it a night. I know there was more to blog about, but damned if i can't remember it. I guess this is pretty long for one day's worth of entries. Back to the grindstone tomorrow, i don't have to work at target til thursday,, still angered about that, but hey what can you do. When i find something that makes me happy i'll let you know, otherwise the quest is still on

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