Sunday, February 09, 2003

"Tough times don't last, tough people do"....whatever

So last night was pretty much a bust for me, why is it that my weekends are sucking soo much. But before we get up to what lead me to feel this way, i'll tell you the immediate past, then work my way from last weekend up to last night prior to the imediate past, did you follow that, ok well here i go.... well last night was in fact Saturday, when i got ot work at Target, someone said i was scheduled for friday, so i started freaking out, in the end, everyone was wrong, and it was to be for me to work on Saturday, *whip sweat off brow* And since it was saturday., that meant there was no truck to be worked, yay, but there were only 8 workers, including myself and level three's, in the whole store. So first everyone did pulls, then we all went out to the floor to do, ewww, dare i say, flow work. Yes, flow is boring, but it gave me plenty of time to think to myself, most of it wasn't even worth the breath out of my mouth. You see usually whenever i have this incoherant rambling, in the end i have some outstanding idea or thought or way to live life, something, this time, nothing but confusion, confusion, but at least no anger. We got out around 5ish or so, andi headed home only to fall asleep without logging like i wanted to, setting my alarm for something i wanted to do in the morning, or changing out of my cloathes, hell my glasses were still on. So now you see what kind of mood I'm in, let's take in back one week, and a day i guess, and let's see where it all began, but not actually began, but what you've missed out on which has helped cause this whatever i am in.........

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