Sunday, February 09, 2003

The Tumultuous Week of 2/3/03

Ya know, not much really happened tis week, well besides work, does anything really happen to me, and don't forget to add in heartbreaks. so basically that sums up the week,i worked, nothing happened, i didn't do anywhere, yet my heart continued to yearn and break for brooke. On monday i went into work to order, set up interviews, and i also watched Mulholland Drive recommended by vince. God that was one fucked up movie. Once agian i started off my day late, do i really need as much sleep as i try ot get on my days off? So i worked at target that night, yay, no new news there, well except we will be getting our paychecks biweekly starting in august, no big deal. Tuesday I did some interviews, hired some girl, krisitn baker, on the spot, basically because she was the only person i could get ahold of, how sad is that, plus her interview went pretty well, as opposed to the three guys i had last week. oh, i also pissed off my front end cashiers by having them a list of things to do for that day.
Online chattings..., not with the devil
So that night i talked wit my lovely brooke, she started to get upset and asked for me to let her go to sleep, so i did. So after she went away i tried to get some other insight on brooke's deal, so i decided to talk to one of her friends down at the academy, one of her best friends, liz. so we chatted for a little bit, i got little insight, but somethings did get through to me. i guess her being away from me, down at muncie just drove her insane, even thoguh we were still us, us not being together, knowing that my co-workers saw me more than she did, hurt her, probably as much as i ma hurting right now. So i started to message brookie, telling her i talked with her friend so it didn't seem i was going behind her back or anything, and during the process i wa interrupted by my mother, who demanded i finally fix something on her computer. so there i let it hang in the balance while i thought i would be soon to return. After much time and energy wasted on her computer, yes i didn't get what she wanted done, some cd wouldn't load and kept freezing her machine, i went back downstairs to finish typing my 50 or so messages to brooke * she told me she enjoyed reading all my messages in the morning and have been trying to leave as many as possible everynight*, as i get to my computer i noticed she had messaged me, several times, apparently she talked with liz and i was lying about something, basically it wasn't good. i panicked, i starting typing to her and calling her, i got ahold of her and she hung up the phone on me the first time, the second she let me get some more words in. i pleaded with her to believe me, that i wasn't lying and in fact was gonig to type more to her. Talk about bad timing, her i am trying to keep everything together in place, and something like that where trust issues are being tossed around like pillows.
Missed calls and mis-plans
Days come and go, Wednesday night i received some phone calls while i was at target, returned them on my break, but they were from brooke, she sounded like she needed someone to talk to, she pleaded to my voicemail, so when i returned the call she was quick to get off the phone with me, complaining of being sick, when i called her the next day, whatever was on her mind had then slipped away. So days and nights continue to pass, friday comes around and i speak to a very sick brooke online, she says she's coming home for the weekend, and wanted me to ask her mom if it was ok for me to ride along the trip. so i called her mom, she decided i should just go and get her, which was no problem, but then called me back later to say brooke wanted her mother to come get her, and she wouldn't be stopping in lowell, so i was booted from the plans. So i stayed at work, did my own thing i guess, as i naturally do, and then a call comes in around 6ish...
Dancin' with the Devil
It's Heather, and she needs a huge favor from someone, anyone...that favor, attend a college dance with her, geez. So after her calling numerous amounts of people, she propositions me with it. Well since my earlier plans were botched, and i had the aching to get out of there early i decided yes, it's a friendly favor. I leave work at 630, go home, change, realize i need gas and am on my way at 7. i got at valpo at 730, met up with heather, saw somebody else driving Jimmy's truck around, and made it to the dance place at 8. We left there agian at 915 to run errands, drop off her truck to let mike have it and whatnot, to return agian at 10ish. It wasn't much of a dance, not a huge amount of people, or maybe it seemed like there wasn't that many because of the spacing, wasn't cramed, very open. Every 15 minutes or so we had to go outside for a smoke break, the got really annoying, especially when hotel california was playing, and i was stuck outside in the freezing cold. I felt no rhythm at all, couldn't dance, plus for the fact we were in a big circle, no partners or anything like normal, just kinda there. Basically we were the welcoming commitee and clean up crew, i got free food out of the deal so i was set. I headed back home around 12 i'd say and by the time i made it home, i was dead tired and crashed.....whic leads me into the weekend, as if friday night didn't copunt, but here's the weekend.............

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