Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Fuck Off...

i think i need some time off. i haven't been able to blog due to my crazy work schedule. all i know is that i'm pissed at some people...let's see, jimmy c was being an asshole, stealing 25 dollar pallets and saying shit about doing things for mt own personal gain, yeah ok. apparently it's not a good thing to become a "jason angus", i don't know why, i have things, don't i, well maybe not what i want. maybe i suppose so,but damn, thanks for the harsh ripping on me guys. somebody keeps eating my boo berry cereal, which isn't sold around here, and it's my last box i wanted to enjoy..looks like another trip to Biggs, for a box of cereal...and there's also other crap going down. i'm getting the impression i'm just a bad person in general. why do people say things, then don't talk about them when asked. why does my heart keep breaking, when it's already been destroyed, why am i so hungry right now, i just ate last night. why aren't the lights on, it is 130. Why can't i find a better job. what is holding me back, it's not like i have any dreams, well just one, but tat's already ruined so now what. i'm sorry, i'm leaving it with this. i guess i'm bound to not live with anybody for the rest of my life, but you know hat the sad part is, i only show my true angry/depressed feelings on here, elsewhere it's a front of somewhat happiness, that's terrible. ok, time off now, see you guys..i don't know, no calls, nothing, you don't need me like i need her......goodbye everyone

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