Sunday, March 09, 2003

What the Hell's Going On???

So naturally i slept today, i mean whatelse was there to do, i needed my sleep between jobs and such, did watch a movie though, but that was only to make it so that i didn't sleep 14 hours...anywaysso once agian my dreams are fucking with me, i think someone's out to get me. i'll explain. you ever have those dreams wherein things are in your dream that you yourself haven't thought about in 10 years, people, places, ideas, things in the forgotten past, and then all of a sudden out of the clear blue they're there, like they hadn't missed a beat. everything is eactly as you remembered it from back then..well i've been having these dreams, and then today, today goes in the books. ok during dreams we've all had the "i just woke up in my dream dream", basically your dream starts with you waking up, or there's a part for transition it seemed like you were sleeping in it......well what happens when you dream in this state of already dreaming? Yeah, i had that, which really fucked me up. i mean think about go to sleep, then you start dreaming, and it seems like a dream, then you wake up and your talking about your dream to people in your dream, you remember all the details, everything. yeah that freaked me out damn well and good, and since the dream involved the past, sorta, it's making me think about here's my comment nobody will understand but me, i'm i bound to have an angie every 7 years? ha the mere thought of that is fucked up, but could explain so much...on that note, goodnight, i'm off to work while listening to my classical techno, yeah, that's fucked up too...

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