Monday, April 28, 2003

Dazed and Confused...
*Ha that goes so well with the theme of my other journal entry......*

Anyways, so yeah, I got this other online journal, but i'm cure if i want to keep using it or this one. i mean i like to stay loyal to certain things, but i guess when things get sucky try something new? somewhat agianst my conservative ways, but what the hey. Yeah well i'm not offering a link to the journal, though it won't take a super slueth to find out where it's at. Now my question is what will diferentiate the two journals, will one be happy and the other sad, so when you the reader notice that i haven't been making entries in a certain you will know what mood i am in? who knows, ALCO already knows anything that happens in my life without me saying a thing, i can walk in, they see that i'm happy, they make the comment that things are going well with brooke. when i come in all mopey and depressed they know something's up, how pitiful is that. I got some sleep over the weekend, and i was really suprised how ambitious and energetic i was at work, well until, you know. Mr pibb has a certain candy like taste to it i'm not sure if i like it or not, yet continue to drink to find out just what that is. Oh, so i am currently trying to make a top 5 list, which i will present to you later in a random title only entry, but so far i only have 2 of the songs, so the search will go on...speaking of searches, that is the subject of the first title only blog, which i should post afternoon or anyone cares...but right now i'm gong to get ready and showered for class...though i'm starting to wonder why i even continuing with this....what is gong on..i am good, besides the pain, damn foot/head/heart/teeth, yeah well, wish me luck and god speed.

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