Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Shit on Me

Yeah, so i got some sleep, and who would think that you could wake up with depression? Yeah well, it wasn't so much just waking up with it, it was an idea in my head that caused the depression. My sleep periods are really messing wit me, whether it be during my sleep wherein i make the statement i know i ma dreaming because of certain noticable falasies, i.e. wearing a shirt i once owned, but gave to brooke weeks prior; or just waking up with a full fledged thought in my head. In the shower i came up with a "title only" blogging, extended to the thougt in my head, but damned if i forgot how it actually went. It's really cold in thew basement tonight, here i complain now, yet soon i won't be able to; i've learned to accept and cheerish as much as you can while you have it; because you know the old saying, "what you value is what you miss, not what you have" Side note, my other journal made me mad today, i was going to post about some random stuff, and i was gong to talk about, more than mention i suppose, the song by zeppelin, Fool in the Rain. Well because it was F'ing up i never got to...and low and behold, Brooke must have been on the same wavelength as me, because she put up an away message saying how she really likes the song now, and some other stuff. See if only the damned thing had been working i could prove the compatability between us, but because it has failed, i now have, "oh, yeah i was thinking about that to" kind of stance. Well that is all, i'm getting upset over something stupid, and if i failed to make any sense to this, well just add it to the list of failures. good day

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