Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Wow...i guess

Well yesterday was in fact my birthday, yippie, so that makes me....20? yeah i guess it does, a nothing age, damn; not a teen anymore, not old enough to drink, whoppee anyway, but not really an adult, so yeah, it's a nothing year, just like 2003. i've gto a lot of things to blog about, but i just don't have the time anymore. i feel bad too because there's so much i want to say. i'd like to blog about prom and everythign that's been gonig on with that, how's life treating me and such, whee to live, work, ...all that crap.....maybe i'll get to it this weekend, somehow i've got an alomst clear weekend to do as i please, which will be nothing. i work sat 8 to 4, i know zach said he wanted to do something, my other lpans fell through..i think i'll just stay home and pack, listen to music as i work. oh what did i do on my birthday you ask, i worked, no biggie, thanks to all who said happy birthday, or called and sang to me, thank you brooke. well it's wednesday, so i'll be seeing you in a couple days, for now it's work, then the weekend i'll just waste away....

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