Monday, May 05, 2003

Pass the Cheese Please

Well I had some things I wanted to blog about, and write in my other journal...but damned if i don't remember them, and some were contingent upon other ones to make. Well let me just give you some random things to read as if not to waste this spce, but yet your time. Hmmm, well i got home Friday and my mom's, well Jenny, was in the driveway, yet she wasn't to be found, plus one dog was missing. So she has yet to return, not that i care, but poor shashanee is acting like she was bad or something, won't eat or drink, and has actually came downstairs to see me a couple times. Funny, this will be one of the last times i get to say that, ha. I remember the last timei had to say goodbye to this place...Michigan..enough said. Saying goodbye to my dogs last time made me realize what was happening., it was sad, everything hit me, i had to move on, and then i cried. Just like the time mother called me at school and put the phone up to the dogs ear, and they got all happy and freaked out when i spoke to them, yeah that's sad. I highly doubt my mother will call my cell after she moves out. I probably won't see my mother or grandparents for a long time, maybe they'll be invited/come to my wedding, all i can say is they best bring gifts. Anyways, so my mother isn't around and i wanted to take her to see "The Wizard of Oz", you see my mom is really into this Wizard of Oz crap, don't ask me why, she even goes to the Wizard of Oz fest in Chesterton, they literally close off town for 3 days for this thing. But yeah she's not here, she she can't go, her loss. So i got to study for my second of three tests for my class. I'm sure I'll do fine, why not, it's just a test....

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