Sunday, May 11, 2003

What's Worse, To Strike Fear In Your Enemy, or Completely Annihilate Your Enemy?

So we had a marvelous old school pity party...haha no pun intended for those who were there who get that joke. It was Joe, Barcus, Mike L, Salai, Twan, and myself. We would have had a few more but last second fallouts..well, fell through. Duncan understandably didn't want to travel to Sherrillville, Dewes had something go down with his girlfriend he needed to tend to, Jimmy was celebrating every holiday possible it seemed, and Vince had already headed back down to Rose. So we gathered, at my place of everywhere, it's nice to know i can still draw in the crowd even though all my shit is packed up. I felt bad about it. but soon we were on our way. The funny thing about going to RtC, is that we are starting to see more and more lowell faces there, well i guess it's not funny, but rather depressing. **sidetrack...You can look at our RtC venturing in two ways. 1: Ii was like the stock market, we got in as it was going up, we rode out it's peak, and cashed in before it started to drop...this would be very true of last years attendance...2:It's like a sports team, let's say the Chicago Bulls back in the 90's. We just moved to chicago in the late 80's, started growing fond of the team, and then before you know it they were winning championship after championship and everybody was a fan...then of course with time the tema disinagrated,fell apart, traded away, but yet here we are still loyal fans, tuning in every now and then to see how our team is doing.....this is true of tis year's attendance,..****So we ended up seeing Mr Gianotti along with Andrea Marvel and some other people, disturbing yes. we ate, enjoyed it, G thought some girl was trying to get in his pants, highly doubtful, then decided to take off to Meijer to buy some supplies for our night's talkings. At thispoint Twan and Joe headed back for lowell. We got some TP from Meijer, on sale of course and headed to lowell as well, but kept questioning who we were going to "hit". in the end we decided to save it for a better planned night, i know we need warming up and all, but we don't want to do a sad job, we need to go all out, so we dropped mike L off at home, then as w were pulling away i thought of a great idea, " Why not attach a note to a full roll of TP stating, 'It's Coming...' to all the people we've hit before or would like to hit" Now this was the most brilliant idea possible, hell yes threats!!!! IF only there were some way for me to link the picture i took of our gget up on here...zach help me out yo...the picture is brilliant as well, it's soo propaganda looking, i couldn't have done better if i tried. Our society today lives off of the scare factor, we live our lives in fear every day of stupid random bullshit, killer bees, and whatnot, yeah michael moore's bowling for Columbine stated all this, so you need to see it so i don't have to say it agian. Fear, yes! People will only destroy themselves living in fear, and all you had to do is plant an idea in their head.....we'll see how this turns out.....

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